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So I've decided to compile some of the great holiday movies from the last few years to get you all in the mood.

American Pie 2:

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The American Pie series definitely had it's fair share of vacations each of them containing some pretty crazy occurrences. But to me the sequel was one of those vacations that really created the best memories for everyone. The first film definitely covers the struggles that teenagers encounter as they grow and find themselves in a very humorous fashion. The second film doesn't want to leave any questions unanswered as they become more like adults.

With everyone either off to college, on the other side of the globe or still trying live their high schools days, spring break rolls around and what better way to spend it than Stiffler's lakeside lodge. Of course for those who know Stiffler seeing the film probably isn't necessary as you already know the probable outcome of the holiday. However it's not all wild parties and crazy antics, behind everything holds a sweet story or two.

I won't give anything away incase you still haven't seen it and would like to. However, I would definitely recommend this classic if you're looking for a good laugh. (Definitely not a family movie)


RV copy

Runaway Vacation: Family vacations can potentially be either make or break, and the title 'Runaway Vacation' would definitely suggest the latter. Although family activity during your adolescents can be utterly humiliating, annoying or plain boring. The fact at the end of the day is they are your family and those, at the time very average moments, are moments in which will turn into beloved memories. I appreciate this now that I am older, and look forward to our annual family holidays to create more and more memories each year.

To be honest there's not much to say about this film without really giving away the story. It basically follows a fairly normal family with two very teenage children. In a struggle to rekindle a very much dying relationship with his children. The father played by the amazingly talented Robin Williams, decides to hire an RV and take his family on a road trip. With a very rocky start, his plan seems to be making progress along the way.

With some very funny situations and encounters along the way, this is one vacation not to miss. 'RV: Runaway Vacation' is a very entertaining journey for the whole family to partake in.

Fool's Gold:

Fools Gold copy

Matthew McConaughey! Now that I have your attention, I will continue to discuss this next film, which consists of, Matthew McConaughey. 'Fool's Gold' is more an adventure film than a relaxing vacation. But when there's sun, surf and sand, not to mention Kate Hudson, there is always the right ingredients for a vacation.

'Fool's Gold' follows a recently divorced couple who's marriage depleted because of the husband's obsession with finding lost treasures of the world. With his new discovery and leads to a treasure of quite significant wealth he tries to persuade his ex-wife to join him on his new found discovery.

Reluctant at first, the recently split couple undertake this journey together. Having to deal with equally as ambitious treasure hunters, there are a few speed bumps and encounters along the way. There's nothing like a good trip to rekindle an old flame, then again, a treasure worth over 500 million dollars always helps.

I suppose a bit like a working holiday if anything, 'Fool's Gold' ticks all the right boxes to keep you on the couch these holidays.

Just Go With It:

Just Go With It copy

How far would you go to reinforce a lie? Would you get one of your colleagues and their family to pretend to be yours? Would you spend thousands of dollars on taking a whole family and a handful of friends to Hawaii? Well, in 'Just Go With It' one of Adam Sandler's best films, all of the above is exactly what he does.

The left at the alter and emotionally broken man unintentionally uses his wedding band to get lucky. Which sparks an idea that will stay with him for years to come, until one night that is no longer the case. Thinking he has finally found love, his potential future soulmate discovers the ring. Trying to talk himself out of this new unfortunate conundrum. The desperate and creative lies start flowing, winding him in a deeper hole than to begin with.

'Just Go With It' is in my opinion one of the best films I've seen. With some very funny twists and turns this roller coaster of a vacation is one that won't disappoint. A couple of very important lessons are to be learned from this flick, one of which is honesty is always the best policy.

So whether or not you're in the comforts of your own home this New Year or sipping Mojitos on the poolside banana chairs of the Versace Hotel. These films will definitely help fill in those numerous spaces in time. Happy New Year, stay safe everybody.