Montague Crepe and Cocktail bar opens in Fortitude Valley

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What's the inspiration behind Montague Crepe and Cocktail bar?

The Inspiration behind Montague is many years of traveling around Europe and through gaining a feel for what Brisbane has and what it is missing. In this industry it is imperative to have a reason for opening with that point of difference, along with taking that risk associated with a new venture. Crepes are known all throughout Europe and I have spoken to many people over the years about their thoughts on a crepe bar and they have all been positive, though in saying this food must be taken with care and it is important to replicate the authentic product and get this right from when doors open.

Why do you think the time is 'now' to open Montague?

Since opening Capulet we have always wanted to expand and when we heard that the "the hideway" bar was coming out of its lease we jumped at the opportunity. The combination of Capulet with Montague allowed us to be able to capture the early and daytime trade in which I have always seen an open market for.

The time to open Montague is also due to the fact after 1 year of operation you must do something to freshen the venue and bring life so why not add a exciting new concept and therefore able to target a larger audience. Maximising hours of operation and revenue.

Do you think Brisbane drinkers are evolving and wanting 'more' of an experience?

It is a known fact that Brisbane drinkers are evolving and smaller operators and venues are coming through giving people experiences and not just a drink, no longer do people drink basic spirits but opt for a cocktail. Bartenders these days do no work through menus but the individuals taste creating that one on one relationship which you do not get in a large venue or club.

Montague Crepe and Cocktail bar opens in Fortitude Valley

What is Montague's point of difference?

Montague's point of difference part from the addictive food cuisine will be the experience it will offer patrons at any time of the day. The staff will be handpicked and will be those whom make you feel at home from the time you step in whether it be a smile or a greeting you will be welcomed at Montague. The other point of difference is you will be able to also escape to the garden bar of Capulet during the day to be able to enjoy the open air environment.

What can we expect on the cocktail menu?

The cocktail menu will be left up to my operations manager and bar manager to answer, they have given a brief overview below: Operations Manager, Scott Griffin believes the golden age of cocktails, "Right Now, Brisbane has come a long way in the choice of venues for the discerning drinker. The standard of skill and knowledge to be recognised as a great bartender, I don't think has ever been higher."

Bar Manager Addam Winkels, who has also contributed greatly to the list, and the inspiration...just good drinks. The new cocktail list is by no means extensive, and never intended to be. Just a small sample of what they do and an invitation to come in and say "Make me something?" Introducing people to something new that they may not have tried before without scaring them away.

What do you recommend on the crepe menu?

Of course there is everyone's favourite "The Nutella Crepe", but we are excited to be releasing a super crepe due to the current health conscious market which will include, cacao, coconut oil, goji berries and bananas.

My personal favourite though is traditional swiss ham and gruyere melted cheese. In saying these crepes will all be gluten free and we will cater for all.

When is the public opening date?

Sometime in August at this stage.

Montague Crepe and Cocktail bar opens in Fortitude Valley

What type of crowd are you hoping to attract?

The crowd will be all demographics including those elderly whom may want to come in and use the garden during the day for a high tea or to simply read a book. Montague will have wireless internet available for all. The night scene will be an upmarket young professional crowd who want to escape the clubbing scene and pop in for a meal followed by an experience.

What are you most proud of about this bar?

The furnishings are going to be rather special, but I believe the launch of Brisbane's first crepe bar is what will make Montague significant.

What can people expect when they first walk into this new bar?

You can expect a smile and a warm welcome when you walk in. Beautiful, rare and unique furniture which creates the perfect atmosphere at Montague... You will know where you belong.

The Details
Who: Montague Crepe and Cocktail Bar
Where: 188 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley Brisbane 4006
Opening: August 2014
Facebook: HERE