Model Chocolate - Not Just Another Recipe Book

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Abigail O'Neill carries her modelling experience into her writing skills to incorporate over 50 fashion images all shot using Eco/sustainable fashion designs that transform "Model Chocolate" from a health recipe book into a guilty pleasure read.

Abigail translates her passion of cooking and compares it to fashion by stating "You can create any shape, mould or flavour really! I love it." With a desire to inspire creativity in the life of others, it is evident that "Model Chocolate" expresses Abigails love of health, well being, fashion and beauty.


"Model Chocolate" has a recipe to suit any occasion, ranging from "Breakfast", "Snacks" and the obvious "Fashionable Desserts". So this Christmas if you have been invited to or your hosting a special dinner, why not add chocolate to the menu and make sure you tell everyone that its guilt free, and then lay back and be prepared to be popular.

"Model Chocolate" has come out just in time for all your Christmas gifts. Currently available as an e-book online at or Amazon for $25, this is an easy choice to add to your shopping list this Christmas. "Model Chocolate" will be available in a print edition in early 2013, so stay tuned and be prepared to get rich in chocolate without the guilt.