Mid Year Escape Travel Tips

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Planning and preparation for an overseas holiday can be quite stressful – sometimes you need a holiday before you even reach your destination! From luggage to footwear and where to go and what to see - no matter what the destination - this list of travel tips will help you get destination ready. Bon Voyage!

Travel Gurus
The world is a beautiful and wonderful place, with so many incredible destinations. So much so that it’s hard to choose just one, and to know what to do when you get there! Reach out to your well-travelled family and friends and ask them to write down ten “must dos” for your holiday. The more people you speak to, the more ideas you’ll get!

Bag Yourself a Beauty
Choosing the correct luggage is an important start to your holiday. A few features to look for in good luggage include separate compartments, expandable sides, strong zippers, easy-to-maneuver wheels and long handles. Bags to Go at Uni Hill has a great range to choose from! A couple of large lightweight roller suitcases are the perfect option for a family getaway. And for those explorers who’ll be adventuring off the beaten track, a rucksack with much-needed back support will work wonders.

Rolling VS Folding?
Getting your suitcase organised for a holiday can be quite a challenge, but we know just how to turn you into a savvy and efficient packer. Firstly, include mix-and-match items that save you from over-packing and that leave room for more amazing overseas purchases! Rolling your clothes instead of folding is also a massive space saver and you’ll also end up with less creases; win-win! If you are headed to a cold destination, stock up on warm gear from retailers like Katmandu. Duck down vests and jackets are ideal as they can be compressed to ensure they take up little room. When it comes to footwear, choose wisely and aim for comfort and support. Exploring new countries means lots of walking!

Toto... I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore
Unknown territory can be daunting and a bit of a culture shock. Before heading to a destination for the first time, do a bit of research about the culture, religion and way of living. This will also help you gauge acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, customs and formalities. An important element of researching your destination is also making sure you’re aware of some of the negatives... like being weary of pick-pocketers on Paris’ bustling Metro.

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