Let Your Love Light Shine

And while it's not generally advised to leave your heart on the floor, in the case of this lamp, it's a prerequisite.

Coming in three different colours, white, red (for the romantics) and rustic, these love heart lights are a unique lighting option that will illuminate any room in your home with bright LEDs.

They're edgy, cute and modern and are perfectly matched with a host of interior design styles. As long as your house or apartment is on the contemporary side, this love lamp should fit right in.

LED Floor Lamp Graphic Heart in Rustic

LED Floor Lamp Graphic Heart in White Red

For those who dream of sailing the seven seas and all that jazz, there's also a graphic anchor floor lamp. For beachside bungalows and retro apartments this anchor lamp can provide the perfect finishing touch to your living room or bedroom. For a clean, modern look, choose the anchor shade in white. For a rockabilly edge the red is the best choice or if you're going for the gritty, industrial look, you can't go wrong with rustic.

LED Floor Lamp Graphic Anchor in White

LED Floor Lamp Graphic Anchor in Red

Graphic lamps are one of those lighting options that never really go out of fashion. They always somehow tend to be more versatile than one can imagine, seamlessly integrating with a range of interior design styles. Kind of like a leather jacket. Season after season it just keeps coming back, proving itself to be a well thought out investment.

We make bold statements everyday with what we wear, but what about our home's interior? These graphic lamps say something, no doubt drawing the complete attention of guests on entering your home. And how and where they are displayed will also have an impact on what statement they make-whether it's bold and daring or subtle and coy.