It's not an Excuse, It's an Experience

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So if you're a local down in the NSW region, drop in and visit the many locations of "The Chocolate Room". Boasting an inviting environment and an international reputation, The Chocolate Room has all the chocolate treats to fulfill your sweet tooth. Visit:

Now lets go nationwide and suggest an ethnic flare to our favourite pastime. "Chocolateria San Churro" is a Spanish inspired restaurant bringing a sense of authenticity with their specialty dish being a personal favourite in Churros. A true Spanish theme is carried throughout San Churro's presentation, and if there isn't one close enough you can always purchase their divine chocolates retail. Visit:

The Chocolateria

Ending the list for your Easter dining experience is none other than Max Brenner. Probably the most mainstream of the Dessert based outlets, Max Brenner is on a definite need to try basis. Variety would be Max Brenner's biggest offering, including their own personal chocolate store. Visit:

As for all the Chocolate restaurants I've mentioned, I'm leaving it up to you to choose your choice of dessert, as the menus are just too varied and too delicious. Whether you are a massive sweet tooth loving the richness of an all-out sweet fest or a more conserved chilled beverage lover, just enjoy the dessert and spoil yourself with the overindulgence. What better time to choose to literally dine in chocolate than Easter, you don't need an excuse but you do need the experience.