Interview with Tara O | A Touchy Subject

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Tara O teaches, speaks and writes about her journey, creating the space for honest, raw and vulnerable conversation. This week she took up the challenge of road testing all that is weird, wonderful, and wickedly naughty, in the realm of sex, dating and relationships in our tell all interview about her journey and her debut book Wildly Irresistible.

From your experiences and journey, how would you say femininity and sexuality interrelate with one another?

TO: I think our sexuality is very important when it comes to our happiness and wellbeing as women. In my book Wildly Irresistible I speak a lot about feminine energy/essence and why we need to embrace it in order to feel our most happy, loved and sexy! One of the main traits of our feminine essence is that it thrives on pleasure, beauty, connection and intimacy. Exploring our sexuality can provide all of this and more.

Interview with Tara O | A Touchy Subject

Why do you think it is important for women to embrace their sexual side?

TO: To achieve healthy self-love, women must honour, embrace and celebrate all of themselves. Not just the ‘good’ girl, mother, wife etc. but the wild, erotic, sensual and expressive side of themselves. Women are wonderful, unique and complex creatures. Our sexual nature is the most basic, and primal part of us. It allows us to create life, connect deeply with another and to experience out of this world pleasure.

Do you think the modern day woman does repress and shame her sexual side and desires?

TO: We are making great progress, and women are certainly beginning to stand up and own their right to their beautiful bodies and to their sexual pleasure. However, unfortunately I still believe we have a long way to go. Sex for the most part is still very much a taboo topic, and we lack real education around healthy sexuality, especially the incredible benefits. I believe there is a strong undercurrent of collective shame that women feel around our bodies, our sex and our very womanhood.

Interview with Tara O | A Touchy Subject

Do you think that self-love and appreciation principles come from exploring one's sexuality?

TO: Absolutely! Choosing to express your sexuality in a positive way is an incredible act of self-love and respect. It was one of the hardest lessons I ever learnt. It wasn't until I really began to change the way I expressed myself sexually and learnt to love my sexual side that my life changed dramatically.

How does your debut book, Wildly Irresistible help women celebrate and embrace who they are?

TO: My book focuses on our biggest superpower as women - our feminine essence. I believe our feminine essence is the most important factor in becoming sexy, smart and empowered women and when we live from it we are our most happiest and love-filled selves. Our feminine essence, however, can only be cultivated by tuning into certain desires, needs and traits of the feminine essence. It NEEDS to feel and express things like pleasure, beauty, connection, nurture etc.

Tara O is the debut author of Wildly Irresistible – 6 keys to becoming the happiest (and hottest) woman you know, now available on iBooks (Apple), Kindle (Amazon), Google Books and Google Play. Or on her website