Interview with Sydney vocalist Phoenix Melody

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 Get ready to play Phoenix Melody on repeat.


You may know Phoenix Melody from the 2013 series of Australian X Factor. Now, with her debut single ‘Be The One’ hitting the charts and her full EP set to be released later this year, we can guarantee her tracks will be on repeat.

We caught up with the Sydney based vocalist to talk the release of her debut single, working closely with renowned hit makers and her guilty pleasures.

Congratulations on the release of your debut single 'Be The One'. Now that it's finally been released, how are you feeling?

PM: Thank you! I feel liberated. I’m so excited that I can finally share it with everyone.

You've teamed up with killer hit makers for this single. What was the experience like?

PM: Working on this song was sick! It’s such a crazy blessing to be able to call Da Beatfreakz and the Hit Bangaz my friends. We connect on so many levels, especially when we’re vibing in the studio. They’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the business, but are still so down to earth. We’re like family now.

Your first full EP is chalked in for release later this year, can you give us any insight into what we can expect?

PM: Each song on the EP tells a different story and represents a specific time in my life, both good and bad. You can expect to get to know me because it’s a representation of my growth over the past few years. You’ll also get a taste of my versatility as an artist.

You're no stranger to the limelight having been on X-Factor in 2013 along with a number of other live performances. Why is music your passion and what encouraged you to bravely follow your dream and turn this into your career?

PM: I am just doing what I love, but when you put it that way, it is pretty awesome. There is something about the vulnerability and rawness of music. Like everyone, my life has had it’s ups and downs but despite life circumstances, my passion for music has remained, which has to be a sign.


Your social media pages are filled with inspiring quotes and statements. Are you a positive person and are you hoping to inspire your fans to win at life?

PM: Most definitely. No matter what life’s thrown at me, I’ve always tried to keep my head above water and stay positive. I want to inspire people to do the same. I hope that by listening to my music, my fans will be able to know that they are never alone because tomorrow is always a new day.

What feelings or emotions are you trying to evoke with your music?

PM: I want to bring good vibes to the table. It is important to me that my emotions are known and understood. I want whoever is listening to feel empowered, whilst being able to rock out and have a good time.

The official, 'Be The One' music video is set to be launching soon. What was it like shooting the video and was it shot in Sydney?

PM: I haven’t shot the video just yet because I want to get it right and that includes where we shoot it. I’m a proud Sydney girl though and I can assure you that I’ll be representing my city and country no matter the location!

Rapid fire questions:

I'm inspired by...

PM: Travelling. I believe we learn so much when we meet new people, everyone has a story to share and lessons to teach.

Favourite quote...

PM: Aspire to inspire. It reminds me to chase the best version of myself and to keep striving for greatness.


My guilty pleasure is...

PM: Soy Mochas. I could definitely go for one of those right now!

Can't live without...

PM: Acai bowls... They’re life. Summer. Winter. GIVE ME!

I'm passionate about...

PM: Connecting with people on both an emotional and an intellectual level. Mutual understanding is so important for healthy relationships!

What's next...

PM: A lot of hard work and exciting times. The official video for “Be The One” will be out soon, as will my EP. I can’t wait to share more with you all. This is just the beginning so tune in and get ready!

Click here to listen to ‘Be The One’ and follow her Instagram to stay up to date with all things Phoenix Melody.