Interview with Sexologist Juliet Allen

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As a leader in her field and with a passion to empower women as they embrace their true sexual nature, Juliet continues to debunk the many common myths about that three letter word. So without any further ado, let's talk about sex!

What motivated you to become a Sexologist and Sexuality Coach?

JA: I love talking about and learning about sex and sexuality. I have always been really confident and open about enjoying it and have always enjoyed talking about it with friends. I studied psychology as an undergrad and then years later I went back to study a masters in sexology. Becoming a sexologist was the best career move ever!

When someone asks what you do for a living, do you ever feel awkward answering the question?

JA: No, not once have I felt awkward answering the question. I love telling people what I do! I have always loved to stand out and I guess becoming a sexologist definitely makes me stand out from the crowd.

Do you think this generation is losing the ability to be in love?

JA: Not necessarily. Love is what we all thrive on...even the people who say it doesn't matter are lying. I think casual sex is definitely more accessible these days, but I don't think love will ever go out of fashion.

Interview with Sexologist Juliet Allen

What is the secret to being irresistible?

JA: Confidence and being truly comfortable in who you are. You don't need to be stereotypically good looking to be irresistible. What you need is the ability to hold yourself in a confident manner, look people in the eyes and feel comfortable being YOU. That's irresistible!

What is one word of advice you would give women when it comes to feeling comfortable naked?

JA: It's all about feeling comfortable in your own skin. It comes back to working on your own shit and sorting out your hang-ups. Once you have done some inner work and you feel healthy - you've just got to let go and get naked and own it.

What is your ultimate tip to a better sex life?

JA: Jump in and get practicing! Seriously, practice makes perfect. The more confident you are, the better the sex will be. If you're in a relationship, it's essential that you keep things interesting and don't get stuck in a routine. Try everything once and you are guaranteed to find what you love when it comes to sex.

Sometimes talking to a partner about certain things in bed can be awkward. How can we overcome those challenges?

JA: Keep talking. Communication is key to a great sex life. I know it can get a bit awkward, but the pay off is that you get to express who you are and what you want. If you do that, you're guaranteed a great sex life. The truth is your partner is probably feeling just as awkward as you, but as soon as you've spoken about it you'll feel so much better that it's off your chest (pardon the pun).

Interview with Sexologist Juliet Allen

How do you help women explore their sexual side?

JA: I help women by giving them the space to talk about sex without feeling judged or criticized. Every woman is different and we are all so unique as sexual beings. Most women come to me with a challenge to solve and every single time the challenge is something that we have all experienced at some stage in our lives. It's normal to want to explore your sexual side, don't hesitate...own that part of yourself.

Sex can be a topic that some may shy away from, how do you make this less confronting?

JA: I'm pretty bold when it comes to talking about sex. I make it normal and then people realise that it's actually a normal and natural part of life. Everyone is doing it (or not doing it) and I can't believe it's still such a taboo topic! I love that I get to contribute to stopping the taboo and start conversations that need to be had.

In your opinion, why is sexual exploration essential?

JA: It's essential because it helps you explore what really turns you on. It gives you experience and opens your mind to what's possible in the world of sex. Sexual exploration is essential for our health and happiness. Get out there and try everything that you want to try!

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