Interview with Instagrammer Discover Brisbane

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Their passion for food and Brisbane proves why their followers are rapidly growing, but there still remains to be much secrecy behind who they really are. Read our interview to see if we uncovered the mystery.

The faces behind Discover Brisbane are anonymous because ...

DB: As Zoolander would say, "I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking".

But seriously though, we prefer to showcase the places we've visited around Brisbane, and beyond, and share those experiences with everyone. Hopefully, along the way we're able to help "spread the word" about a particular business, product or event or experiences, that we genuinely believe in.

The duo behind Discover Brisbane loves Brisbane because ...

DB: Firstly because it is home. It sounds corny, and we've been to several places overseas, and felt like it could be places we could live in, but at the end of the day, home is where the heart is. Brisbane is also growing and there's lots of exciting things happening here. The amount of new venues that are opening, bars, restaurants, retail spaces and as well as large fashion chains, it's astounding. It's a testament to Brisbane growing into its tag of "new world city". We hosted the G20 and recently Brisbane (Qld Museum) won the right to host the World Science Festival in 2016...the first time it has been held outside of New York City! So much to be proud of.

We liken Brisbane as a young blossoming woman, having her 21st Birthday party, attended by a who's who of "A-listers", whilst older sisters Sydney & Melbourne are sitting on the couch, cupcake in hand, wondering where all the years went.

Interview with Instrammer Discover Brisbane

Will you ever reveal your true identity?

DB: Yes.

What brought Discover Brisbane to life?

DB: We'd always been the kind of people that our family and friends would go to and ask "what's there to do?", "where should we go" and so on. We'd always been sharing what our "foodie" habits were through different mediums or another & one day we just decided to dabble in the Instagram space, writing a little more than what you would probably expect to see on most accounts ... and discovered that it resonated with lots of people & the account grew quickly from there. As time has gone on we've learnt a lot about the digital marketing / PR space, social media in general and what appeals to our audience.

Describe your Instagram in 3 words...

DB: Happy snappy moments.

What is your instagramming manifesto?

DB: We are actually changing our profile description to reflect more of a "manifesto".

But in our minds, it's always been along the lines of....

DB: Escape a life not lived, to live the life you love and share your passions. Keep an open mind and heart to new things, people and opportunities. Create, curate and express with honesty. Believe in what you do, in people, and the universe will believe in you.

Interview with Instrammer Discover Brisbane

Dream collaboration would be?

Well, I suppose this is a bit of a dream collaboration right here! Grateful for this opportunity.
It's a hard one, and there are so many amazing and talented people out there. We would love to collaborate with everyone!

DB: We really like fellow Instagram accounts by @creativerehab (one of us likes to write), @aparisianinamerica (one of us loves fashion) and @parisinfourmonths (we both love Paris and appreciate the art of photography!)

Favourite new hot spot in Brisbane is ...

DB: It's hard to consider a new "hotspot" an immediate favourite, but one venue which always feels new and is a hot-spot to us and definitely is a favourite is, The Survey Co in Burnett Lane.

Naughtiest indulgent hideout is ...

DB: Bacchus Restaurant in Southbank with their dessert degustation!

The best coffee can be found at ...

DB:Coffee Anthology, 126 Margaret St, Brisbane City.

A must try in Brisbane would be ...

DB: (For any visitor to Brisbane), definitely a visit to Southbank! You get so much in the one location; River views, Wheel of Brisbane, amazing food, QPAC, the list goes on, and it's all very beautiful with the park lands. If you're lucky, the markets are also on, and there's always a festival on any given day.

Interview with Instrammer Discover Brisbane

Behind the scenes of Discover Brisbane looks like...

DB: Planning the next adventure, while eating our favourite home cooked meal and listening to Amy Winehouse. Some days it's shopping, Pilates and exercise, chilling out with family and friends, as well as being complete couch potatoes and catching up on all favourite TV shows.

In 2015 we are most excited about...

DB: Everything!

Continuing to meet genuinely nice people through Instagram, from all walks of life, business, fashion and food. Aa well as opportunities and possibilities with @discoverbrisbane. We are also excited about what we see as Brisbane's continuous growth..bigger and better everyday!

What's next?

DB: Launching a site, that is not just Brisbane and surrounds focused or indeed just about food, but a site sharing the things we personally enjoy and things that inspires us. Such as travel, people, culture, food, music, arts, photography, and we have so many exciting ideas! Ideas in the digital PR space, ideas to work with and help businesses, ideas to collaborate with talent, ideas for products and services, just ideas!!

Stay in the know and follow Discover Brisbane on Instagram via their handle @discoverbrisbane