Interview with Health and Fitness Influencer Lauren Hannaford

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In this exclusive interview, Lauren talks about common workout mistakes, how to stay motivated and reveals her ultimate, guilty food pleasure.

What lead you to become a personal trainer?

I grew up being an elite gymnast so I was always fit and active. The strength and discipline I learnt from gymnastics really helped me in other sports like athletics, swimming and diving. Competitive sport has always played a big role in my life.

From the age of 16 I started to pick up a few coaching hours which progressed into a full time coaching position.

After I finished school I had always planned to become a personal trainer, it just happened a little later than I thought due to my training and coaching commitments from teaching babies their first forward roll, all the way up to national level competitive gymnasts.

After many years coaching it was time to get my personal training certificate so I could start progressing further into that field.

What's your schedule like right now?

It is pretty hectic at the moment. Picking up new clients and classes as well as all the exciting new bits and pieces I am doing while I am building up my fitness brand. I'm also trying to fit in travel so I can spend time with my boyfriend who travels a lot with work.

It's all choppy and changey and varied which is what keeps me on my toes and keeps me going.

Interview with Health and Fitness Influencer Lauren Hannaford

You have created a unique workout, blending core gymnastics with your interval style strength and condition program. Can anyone do this even if they have no prior experience in gymnastics?

Oh yes, absolutely! The beauty of it is that it can be easily adjusted to suit everybody's fitness and skill levels. It's a high intensity workout which also teaches basic core gymnastics techniques to help gymnasts get those strong defined abs. I wouldn't have learnt and obtained the skills I have today if I didn't start from where this workout begins.

What is the most common workout mistake you think readers should avoid?

Going too hard too soon and then expecting to look like Elle Macpherson when they wake up in the morning .... or even before they leave the gym!

People spend so much time working hard for other things in life but can get so easily distracted from spending time on creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves. So often it can become about an image instead of how good mentally and physically you feel after a workout. The image is just a bonus from working out. 

So in short, avoid working out for an image, workout for those feel-good, happy endorphins.

In your opinion, how significant is the connection between having a healthy exercise routine and one's overall quality of life?

Oh I think it's really significant, and there is that key word ROUTINE! We love routine, we all try to be rebels and break out of the mould of whatever routines we have but we as humans function better and more efficiently with routine.

If exercise is part of your life routine, overall you are happier, healthier and more motivated.

Much like I said above, it is about how it makes you feel and we all know that everybody wants to feel good. The more energy your expend the more energy you have.

What is your workout tip for pushing yourself on days when you don't feel like training?

Oh goodness, I would aks, "Remember how good you felt yesterday after your workout, remember that feeling of achievement, remember those happy endorphins?"

"Remember how moving your body and burning that energy created more energy and made you feel fit and fab?"

OK great you remember, then lets put on those joggers and lets go!

Interview with Health and Fitness Influencer Lauren Hannaford

What are the six foods you couldn't live without?

Oooooh, definitely one a day keeps that doctor away, apples, bananas, zucchini, chicken and dare I say pizza! Just kidding lets make that brown rice and lastly to keep me balanced I'd be lying if I didn't say chocolate.

What keeps you motivated?

I am the same as everyone else where some days feel harder than others to get going, but I always know how happy I am after I have got my body moving and how I turn into a jumping jelly bean.

There is no use in me trying to teach the world how exercise is good for body and your mind if I am not practising it myself.

Five Fast Fitness Facts:

1. Is there a particular part of your body you are especially proud of?

Ooooh la la! We are getting down to the nitty gritty aren't we! I actually might have to say my legs, not because of their appearance but because of how much joy I have gotten out of them through running, jumping and leaping.

2. Who would be your ultimate celebrity client to train?

There is a trainer Shaun T in the US who is a celebrity in his own right through his hardcore training programs. He has always been a great motivator for me so I would love to take him through one of my workouts. I would love that challenge.

3. Guilty food pleasure?

I would love to say I am guilt free but I've got to be honest with you. I love me some hot chips and tomato sauce! (whoops did I just say that outloud).

4. One piece of active wear clothing you live in?

Nike crop tops hands down!

5. What's next?

Onto filming my new workout to share with the world so we can all be happy, healthy and loving life together! EXCITEMENT PLUS! 

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