Interview with Future-Soul-Electronica Singer Songwriter Noah Slee

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The artist of the moment, Noah Slee had a chat with Fashion Weekly about his upcoming tour and why his songs are his truths and thoughts. "Sometimes I am amazed that they are being heard and felt."

They say you are a future soul singer, performing a mixture of soul, electronica and progressive RnB, has this always been the direction you wanted to take?

Not exactly, it is definitely a result of revelation. I grew up on soul, reggae and funk dating from early 60's - 80's so it was a whole new world when I discovered electronic and progressive music/sounds. Experimenting with electronic music was a natural and exciting progression for me.

You are touring Australia for the launch of your debut album. How are feeling?

My album doesn't have a release date as yet but yes I will be touring Australia and playing songs from my debut album. I am feeling amped about this for sure. I get a high from playing live.

What can your fans expect at your shows?

I'll be playing solo - a combination of beats, guitar, effects, samples & vocals. I have a visual artist who will be projecting art onto a backdrop behind me for some shows.

We're aiming to give a sensory experience/journey. There will be moments of intimacy and moments where we bounce to heavy beats.

Is music an emotional journey for you?

Emotion is a major element of my music. Thematically it can be broad but I do feel that I am giving a lot of who I am and how I feel in my art.

Is there a particular lyric/lyrics that has heavily impacted your life?

Robert Nesta Marley has heavily influenced my life and writing."Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds" really speaks to me. Other writers who have impacted me include Fela Kuti, David Bowie, Thom Yorke, Marvin Gaye and so many more.

As an artist you are a voice, what message are you trying to evoke with your music?

My songs are all stories of my experience. Sometimes I am amazed that they are being heard and felt. My songs are of my truths and my thoughts.

Interview with Future-Soul-Electronica Singer Songwriter Noah Slee

Can you give us any insight into your debut album?

I wrote the whole album in Berlin and it was a very fluid process. It came to me very naturally and was easy. It was winter at the time and there are a few songs a little more melancholy but others with more drive and rhythm.

Berlin played a big part in providing inspiration both musically and with writing.

How greatly does the music industry differ from Brisbane to Berlin?

I've spent 6 months in Berlin and from that experience I can say that Berlin is home to house and techno so this is a huge deal here. There are a lot more progressive
experimental events, music and arts in general going on in this city. I feel it's the European mecca for the arts!

Both are exciting cities, I feel Brisbane have all these dope musicians popping up all over the place however Brisbane doesn't have enough of a scene for the upcoming, new artist but it will in time.

What inspires and influences you?

Things that stimulate my soul - for me it can be anything; it could be something someone says, something I experience or a beautiful super crazy song I hear

What advice do you have for aspiring artists who want to break into the music industry?

Take each step slowly and do everything how you want to do it – find a community who appreciates your art. It's the best feeling when it connects well and if it is a bit slower than you thought, remember that music is satisfying enough to keep you happy and focused. Have some good people around you who will tell you like it is.

What's next for you?

I will be playing a small line of shows in Australia then New Zealand over the months of February and March then I'm heading back to Berlin to release a single and play some shows around Europe.

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