Interview with Damian Griffith about Doughnut Time | Fashion Weekly

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Griffiths has been doing a lot of research to develop the flavours off the back of a recent trip overseas and exploring the trend across the United States.

He sat down with Fashion Weekly to talk about the new delicious doughnut range and what we can expect from the highly anticipated Doughnut Time.

Firstly, why doughnuts?

Doughnuts are trending heavily around the world and we've seen Brisbane embrace some all-American food trends already, but nothing as fun and exciting as artisan doughnuts made with fresh, quality ingredients. We can also get really creative with the toppings and flavours, which will be changing regularly but customers can expect to see flavours such as Maple & Bacon, Rainbow nerds, Crème Brulee, and salted caramel & popcorn on the menu. It has been great to see people getting really excited about these on social media and taking on board some of their suggestions.

Brisbane thanks you for changing our social landscape. What inspires your unique ventures?

I was in Chicago this year and I just saw this crazy line up. I joined the cue, only to realise later I was in the line up for probably America's Number 1 doughnut shop. It brought back all of these childhood memories of Gold Coast Holidays. So travel is a really big part of what inspires what I do.

Doughnut Time at night! Photo by @patcenita

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What can we expect from Doughnut Time?

Quality, artisan doughnuts made fresh daily! With doughnuts, you're only really limited by your imagination – you can inject doughnuts with flavoured creams, cream-cheese and all sorts of fillings and toppings.

Can you reveal how many flavours and options will be on offer?

We're making our doughnuts fresh daily, and we'll be changing the menu regularly from a list of about 40 flavours, which we've collected through research and experimentation. We'll have two ranges – glazed and cream-filled.

Do you have a doughnut favourite?

Do you mean flavour? ... Maple & Bacon, the combination of salty and sweet is something you can't go past!

You have been doing a lot of research to develop the flavours, what are some of the trends across the United States?

Out-of-the-box flavours like root beer, green tea and the panettone cake donut inspired by the Italian sweet bread. People line up out the door and round the corner for these kinds of interesting creations. Doughnut makers are experimenting with all sorts of things – alcoholic glazes, adding savoury toppings like fried chicken, and playing around with the shape. Baker Mark Israel, behind NYC's Doughnut Plant has even trademarked his 'Jelly-Filled Square Doughnut'.

Interview with Damian Griffith about Doughnut Time | Fashion Weekly

Doughnut deliveries will be on offer, do you think it will become a favourite late night treat?

Doughnuts aren't really something you can really get at night time at the moment. I think people will order them for dessert along with a pizza, or pick them up on the way home and save them for a midnight snack.

When is the highly anticipated opening and can we expect a sweet and delicious launch?

Doughnut Time will stand in the alcove out the front of Alfredo's Pizzeria and open by the end of the month.

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Oh and the news is in that Doughnut Time are offering one out of the first 100 punters through the door the chance to win a *year's supply of Doughnut Time doughnuts!
* One box of doughnuts a week, for 52 weeks!*

So stay tuned doughnut lovers!

Interview with Damian Griffith about Doughnut Time | Fashion Weekly