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Set three days after the first film, Insurgent follows Tris (Shailene Woodley) & Four (Theo James) as divergent fugitives who are trying to escape the grasp of the Erudite dictator Jeanine (Kate Winslet). While being chased by the Dauntless rebels of the past around what is left of a dystopian Chicago, Tris and Four attempt to find friends and allies to ignite a rebellion against the faction system and those that enforce martial law against divergents.

Without delving too deep into a synopsis, the underlying politics of the faction will be lost unless you watch the first installment of the series, Divergent. It is in this complexity that Insurgent will struggle to inspire non-fans to rush out to theatres.

Don't get me wrong, Insurgent is built perfectly from the foundation of which Divergent laid, and this allows the film to produce an incredible visual display along with intense action scenes. It was in these tense chases and fluent fight scenes that had me smiling with enjoyment for the first hour of the film. Though the moment the action stopped I became aware of a few failing plot points.

Realising a screenplay written on a more than 500 page book is no easy task, it still felt rushed. Essentially what could have been built up drama with several surprises developed into obvious plot twists with familiar conclusions.

Insurgent Film Review | Fashion Weekly

Although, ignoring its minor plot shortcomings the cast is what sets this production apart. I love how within and outside of this film franchise we are seeing talented actors that could grace our screens for decades to come. My personal standout is Miles Teller as he continued his role as Peter - the groups antagonist, he never failed to liven up the screen with some much-needed sarcastic swagger. Along with Shailene Woodley, whose character was exhaustingly forever locked in an internal struggle carrying the burden of what happened in the first film, while embodying a hardened warrior for the outside world to see. Theo James also came into his own resembling the alpha male Four is supposed to be while the revealing of his past added the most intrigue to the story.

Ultimately, I enjoyed Insurgent. Anytime a film can shut you out from the outside world and submerses you into the story is a success to me. Insurgent from start to finish will keep you guessing if what is happening is reality, simulation or a nightmare all in stunning 3D visuals.

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