Illustrator Kerrie Hess on interior styling tips

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World renowned fashion illustrator, Kerrie Hess shares her tips to a creating an Instagrammable home.

Behind every successful fashionista is a creative space that they call home. As a style icon and illustrator, Kerrie Hess has revealed how she has curated a divine space that is always timeless, chic and #InstaWorthy.

Creating an Instagrammable living space is one of the biggest trends and influences in interior design today. Similar to when you begin illustrating, would you say starting with a white room as a blank canvass is key?

KH: I think a white room does help to keep the background minimal. Although as this is something that most bloggers are doing, it's nice to have some unexpected elements in there so that the images have some personality. I think it's also nice to be as real and normal as possible in your images. There is so much 'perfection' on Instagram it's nice to see something real sometimes!

White requires a lot of up-keep. What's your ultimate tip to keeping it fresh and bright?

KH: I only do white in wipeable surfaces like floors or leather furnishings. I tend to steer clear of white fabric as I have an 8 year old who is often colouring or painting next to me!

Do you have any tips on incorporating metal combinations with a neutral interior palette?

KH: It depends on the feel of the room. Yellow gold is very girly when matched with pale pink and grey, but can be quite unisex with just black and white. Copper is a little more modern and current and silver is a classic. If you are unsure of how to bring in metallics, I would start with silver. It's the most neutral.

World renowned fashion illustrator, Kerrie Hess shares her tips to a creating an Instagrammable home.

What's your top tip to de-cluttering and taking a more minimalistic approach?

KH: One room at a time. Pick up each item in the room and ask yourself if you really use it or love it. If the item doesn't fall into either category, try and part with it to charity. Display only art and the pretty things that you love, store less attractive items like bills, and papers away.

How would you describe the interior aesthetic in your home?

KH: My bedroom and living areas are all black, white and gold. Very neural, and calm for switching off from work. Then my office is very girly in pink, white, grey and gold. It's inspired by the interior of a Christian Dior boutique! I think it's really important if you are creative to create an office space that you love going to.

Mixing styles from different eras can look amazing. What would be your top top to ensure things don't look mis-matched?

KH: I think it's about balance. I love older pieces like chandeliers and antique mirrors, but I think it's best to balance these items in every room with some modern pieces so that the space doesn't end up looking like a doll house. I don't think you can go wrong with pieces that you love.

How do you choose the perfect piece of art for the main living space?

KH: I have an oversized painting of my own of Grace Kelly in my living room. It's black and white and sits above a white regency buffet. It's perfect for the space as it's very simple and quite graphic. I recently sold my favourite original piece 'The Eyes' which was a large close up face, so I no longer have that one in my living room.

World renowned fashion illustrator, Kerrie Hess shares her tips to a creating an Instagrammable home.

You've been commissioned to illustrate for some of the largest fashion names in the
business. You also have a range of iPhone cases and illustrations available on your website. Does it thrill you to see your work being enjoyed by all ages?

KH: Yes, absolutely. I think it's a nice mix. From phone cases, to Limited Edition Prints and large scale originals, I enjoy working in each medium. A recent art print of mine was of Audrey Hepburn was not only one of my favourites, but one of the quickest to sell out in my print shop. And my phone cases are all custom made to order in Australia, which is very important to me.

Do you have any exciting projects lined up for 2017 that you can tell us about?

KH: I have some exciting things in the works with The Ritz London, Laduree Paris and Jean Patou Paris. As well as more Limited Edition prints and original pieces. I am also currently looking for the ultimate pink lounge for the office.

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