Hyde Park on Hudson

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The film is centred around an upcoming weekend in which the King and Queen of England come to visit Mr. Roosevelt in his home to discuss America's support for the war with Germany. King George VI was quite eager to have the military aid of the United States as they were still feeling the effects of the First World War. The event of the visit was a prestigious part of both U.S. and British history, not simply because it was important for each nation, but it was the first time a British Monarch had visited the United States.

However, despite the importance of the visit, FDR had other things on his mind. This film allows for an inside perspective into the life of a leader from the viewpoint of his cousin. Laura Linney plays the role of hid cousin, Daisy, whose diary offered an untold story of the life of President Roosevelt. This film offers a well performed and entertaining observation into the life of presidency. Humour is spread throughout in subtle gestures and the decade is accurately represented.

If you desire a trip through history with a personal and dramatic twist Hyde Park on Hudson is a film for you. So enjoy it with an open mind and an intrigue of politics with a behind the scene perspective.

Directed by Roger Michell.

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