How to pack light for a holiday destination

How many bikinis does one diva need?

Christmas is over, we’ve all recovered from the New Year’s Eve celebrations, and we return to work refreshed for another year...or do we? For some lucky ones, January is the perfect time for one last summer getaway while the days are still long, or even a jaunt to somewhere colder to escape the heat. But some of us haven’t quite got the knack of packing light. Here are our tips on packing like a true minimalist when going on a holiday.

Pick out everything you think you’ll need...and then cut it in half

Nobody NEEDS to bring six bikinis on a week-long getaway. Nor do you need a different dress for every night. Chances are you’ll hit the shops at your destination anyway, so if you get a hot date and need a halter dress to show off your spray tan, you can always buy one.

Create a holiday capsule wardrobe

Select a few key pieces that will mix and match to make several outfits. It saves space in your suitcase and keeps your look fresh! Picture this: frayed denim shorts paired with a striped tee by day, and dressed up with an off-the-shoulder top and wedges by night!

Avoid last-minute packing

Planning your packing allows you to see what will be necessary and what won’t. If you’re packing in a mad rush ten minutes before leaving for the airport, you’re more likely to throw in a whole heap of stuff you won’t wear or use (“Why did I bring a crocheted crop top to the snow?!”).


Use a small bag

If you’re only going for a short trip, you don’t need a three-piece luggage set. Taking even a large suitcase over a small one will cause you to subconsciously think you have to fill all the extra space in it. Better yet, take a duffel bag with no wheels – if you have to carry it, you definitely won’t weigh it down with unnecessary stuff!

It’s never easy to pack minimally. If you’re going on a trip, you want to be looking your best in your fave outfits and you don’t want to be caught short without the essentials. But with practise, you’ll be able to scale back on the extras and still have a fabulous holiday, as well as having room in your bags for all your shopping!

Words: Hanna Sloan