How to hold the perfect sleepover: grown-up style!

Sleepovers were a regular occurrence when you were at school. Rarely a weekend would roll by without somebody organising a get together where your gal pal didn't throw up after eating too many Fads. You would watch the same film at every sleepover, and someone would always try to pull an all-nighter. This routine might not seem to fit into your seemingly normal adult life, however, sometimes a night in can beat a night out.

An old-school sleepover is a great way to get together and have an awesome time, without having to dress up and trek out for a big night. You can lounge around in your pyjamas, eat your weight in carbs and you can watch the very best nineties movies with your favourite gal pals. We've rounded up the best components for the perfect sleepover with your favourite ladies.


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Everybody knows that a sleepover is the perfect excuse for a carb-fest, and it's important that you're getting quality carbs for your buck. Usually you would go out for a meal, but when the opportunity to veg out arises, there's absolutely no need for you to leave the house. If you're wanting to be good you don't even have to settle for the usual pizza takeout, either. There are a whole host of easy, healthier options available to us nowadays, from sushi takeout from delivery service Deliveroo to the old-school favourite of carrots and hummus. There's one final thing to remember, of course, and that's to crack open the Chardonnay whilst you wait for it to arrive.

The Movie


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There's a huge back catalogue of girly movies that could offer your sleepover a fabulous focal point. You can't go wrong by dipping into the vast array of '90s movies on Netflix90s movies on Netflix, with titles such as 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless and She's All That providing laughs and touching moments in equal measure. For something a little more emotional, The Notebook is common sleepover fave, and Beaches, Steel Magnolias and Stepmom are all titles guaranteed to tickle the tear ducts.

The Beauty Skills

Cast your mind back to pre-teen sleepovers when you would braid everyone's hair and try on your mum's best make up. Now that time has moved on, and the last of your wages is definitely not spent on MAC's latest eye palette, you can share the wealth with your best friends. Share tips and tricks for your favourite smokey eye, and your favourite lip colours. Think of it as a try before you buy, courtesy of your besties.

The Friends

Now that your friends all have different jobs and busy lives, a sleepover is a great way to unwind and catch up without having to go to a club. You've probably met some awesome women since you left school, and a girls night in is a fantastic chance to bring all of these women together in one room. You never know, you might be responsible for starting some brand new friendships. There might be some women who you haven't seen in years, and between snacks and movies you can share your new found wisdom of real adult life.

Now that you've got the basics, all you need is the essentials. Call the girls, reach for the face masks and organise a retro catch up which will leave you bating your chest and shouting "GIRL POWER!" from the rooftops. That's if the wine hasn't got to you first, of course.