How to behave at the office Christmas party


It’s almost the silly season, and we all know what that means: office Christmas parties! While we all love a chance to let our hair down and celebrate a successful year with our colleagues, there are certain things to do – or not do – at your work Christmas party to avoid embarrassment. The following tips are partly inspired by readers’ responses to our recent competition, where we asked about the most embarrassing things you have done at an office Christmas party.

Don’t dance on the tables

Save the boogie for the d-floor, people! Not only will you look a bit out of control dancing on the tabletop, you also risk injuring yourself.


Sure, wear your flashing Christmas lights necklace if you’re feeling festive. But please, let the flashing stop there! No matter how many glasses of bubbly you indulge in, do not go lifting skirts or tops. Remember, you still have to work with these people!

No stripping

The same rule as the flashing applies. Keep all items of clothing ON, no matter if Anaconda or Take Your Shirt Off is playing.



Gross, yes, but we had to mention it! We all love to have a good time, but if you’re getting to the point where you’re dashing to the loos for a vomit, you’ve gone too far. It doesn’t look good and it spoils your fun.

Silly antics

Unless you’ve got a very laidback work team, drunkenly hiding in order to pop out and scare people is not the way to ramp up the Christmas party fun. Nobody wants to think their work bestie is coming and then jump out and scream “BOO” at their CEO.

Having a baby

Okay, this one is pretty hard to do by accident. But if you’re nearing your due date, maybe rethink the twerking sesh in case your water breaks.

Trying to chat up a colleague

This is always a no-no! Especially if one or both of you is drunk. It never ends well.

Not participating in the fun

So maybe a work party isn’t how you’d ideally be spending your night. But socialising with your colleagues is important! So rocking up dead late or being glued to your Insta feed all night sends the message that you couldn’t care less. This may be remembered well into the New Year…

Keep these tips for a successful office Christmas party in mind as you prepare to celebrate the end of another great year with all your work buddies!

Words: Hanna Sloan