Hosting The Ultimate New Years Eve Party At Home

If you've decided this year to host your very own new year's shindig here are some stellar tips for making it a night to remember.

1. Spreading the word

While you can simply create a private Facebook event and invite your friends over that way, going to the effort of printing out and sending New Year's Eve invitations helps set the theme and gets people more excited about the upcoming event. Hard copy invites make a serious impression.

2. Come up with a theme or party style

Your New Year's Eve party theme can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be, just consider the personality of your guests and what you think will also get them in the mood on new year's eve. Some great, yet simple themes include black and white and black and gold. Or you could go really casual with a backyard barbecue and ask everyone to bring their swimsuits in case they want to go for a dip in the pool. It all depends on the type of New Year's Eve party you want it to be.

3. New Year's Eve decor

You don't have to go crazy with party poppers and blowers if you don't want to, but having some classic party staples will help create a fun atmosphere. Using solar powered colour changing party lanterns on your balcony, terrace or in your backyard is a classic, stylish new years eve decorative choice. Because they are solar powered they will turn on at dusk and off at dawn and you don't have to worry about batteries, connecting them to a power outlet or using tea lights in them.

Gardman - Solar Chinese style Party Garden Lantern Light, $10

Solar Garden String Lights Petunia Pack of 10 Gardman, $25

Flameless candles also make a great option for indoor and outdoor usage. They won't burn out, they are made from real wax and look just like the real thing and if you are having a substantial amount of people and the champagne will be flowing, you don't have to worry about wax spilling on the carpet, table cloth or bench and making a huge mess. Plus there's no fire danger with these beauties either.

Flameless Candle LED Wax Malibu Pink Distressed - Enjoy Lighting, $23

4. Food & drink tips

Stick with solid finger food options so that people can mingle and move around while they eat. Snack foods and canapés that can be eaten in one or two bites is ideal. Being summertime, this food doesn't need to all be hot food either, making less work for you during the party hours.

Instead of using your glass champagne flutes and wine glasses purchase some high quality plastic cups and other items so that you don't have to worry about anything breaking and you don't have the largest washing up ever the next day.

5. Dance floor space

No new years eve party is complete without a good sized dance floor space. Move some furniture into the bedrooms if you have to, but make sure there's room to boogie.

6. Ensuring everyone gets home safely

As a host it's important that you look out for your guests to ensure they get home safely. For those guests who don't have designated drivers with them, make sure they have made alternative arrangements prior to the evening or if you have space, allow people to crash on the sofa until the next day.

If you've had new years eve after new years eve spent out and about at functions and parties wearing heels until god knows what hour in the morning, hosting a party at home this year might be in order. Take note of the above tips to ensure you and your guests have a memorable, safe and happy new years eve party.

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