Heaven on Bourke blogger talks dating & being a girlboss

Being a #girlboss and the trials & tribulations of dating with Paige Carmichael from Heaven on Bourke.

Heaven on Bourke blogger Paige Carmichael interview

Heaven on Bourke is a lifestyle blog written by Paige Carmichael (Miss P) which tells about ‘dating, brunching and debauchery’ in Sydney, Australia’s big city.

Carmichael has the wit of Carrie, the #girlboss attitude of Miranda, the stories of Samantha and the class of Charlotte; Heaven on Bourke will make you believe the Sex and the City life we all lust after really does exist.

We need to know, is the life of a lifestyle blogger as glamorous as it seems?

PC: If you call living in a rundown terrace house, drinking tap water out of a wine glass and constantly waiting for a guy to text you back “glamourous” than yes!

I'm lucky that my full time job as a copywriter for a luxury lingerie brand enables me to travel all over the world. I've been to burlesque clubs in Berlin and held business meetings in London but the most glamourous yet was probably being the guest of honour at an exclusive swingers club in Sydney – I kept my knickers firmly on!

What's the story behind the name, ‘Heaven on Bourke’?

PC: When I first arrived in Sydney ... I spent a lot of time alone, strolling up Bourke Street lusting over the terrace houses. 12 months later I scored myself a shoe box sized room down the crappy end of Bourke Street, since then I've made it my mission to slowly edge my way up and hopefully one day own that dream terrace house (Heaven on Bourke) and have all of my girlfriend's around for endless wine and a cheese boards. Every girl should have a goal!

Your blog is very unique in an over saturated beauty and street style market, what inspired you to create a lifestyle-focussed blog?

PC: I wanted to create a space where young women (and men) who couldn't identify with picture perfect beauty bloggers or style savvy street moguls could relate.

Not everyone (including myself) has the money or the natural ability to dress like a super model but almost everyone I've ever met has had a bad date, come close to sh*tting their pants in public or wouldn't mind knowing where to find the best bacon in town.


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How much of your 'Man Musings' section is based on real dating experience?

PC: 100% of Man Musings is based on real dating experience.
Gosh I have dated some duds! However, for every bad boy I've fallen for I've also met some real gentlemen.

Examples of the bad include: Self-absorbed, Instagram famous gym junkies who have cheated on me with D-grade celebrities, guys with velcro wallets who have asked to borrow money and a guy with an addiction to laser hair removal - WTF!

The highlights: Private helicopter rides and one particularly beautiful man who was sweet enough to invite me to New York then suffered through the entire Sex and the City tour and took photos of me as I cried in front of the iconic Perry Street brownstone (Carrie's house).

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What do you love about living in Sydney?

PC: Sydney has the best of both worlds; the spectacular city and Sydney harbour then on the weekends you can ground yourself by doing the stunning Coogee to Bondi coastal walk. There is also a little thing called Bourke Street Bakery of course... Mmm sausage rolls.

Heaven on Bourke blogger Paige Carmichael interview

Can you share one beauty or style secret?

PC: If you're sleeping over at your lover’s house for the first time and must keep your make up on (not that I recommend this but if you're like me and feel self-conscious about your less than perfect skin) PLEASE wear a mineral foundation. I use Pure Brightening Serum Foundation from Bare Minerals; it gives just enough coverage but is also still lightweight so your skin won’t hate you come Sunday evening.

What is your top tip for young women juggling a career, a social life and maintaining a successful blog?

PC: I actually stole this tip from a successful investment banker I interviewed in an upmarket city bar...She said something to the effect of: Focus on your career and what is going to get you from A to B but never neglect your passion project. Heaven on Bourke and helping young women find the beauty and humour in their insecurities is my passion. If you love blogging then keep going, keep writing no matter what, as long as it makes you happy.

What's next for you?

PC: A sea change or should I say city change. I've always had a thing for high tea (with a side of champagne) and the English accent. I keep dreaming of big red buses! I think it is a sign where the future is going to take me and as long as I have a laptop and some kind of dating app the story will continue with me.

Rapid fire questions:

Bags or shoes? Shoes! I purchased a pair of Louboutin’s with all my savings last time I was in Paris. They have remained in their original box waiting for the perfect date!

Go-to drink? There's nothing I love more than enjoying a delicious bottle of red with a girlfriend.

Must have lipstick? Anything bright, bold and alluring!

Paris or New York? Paris for brunch and New York for an evening martini.

Words: Frances van Eeden