Has Kanye West produced a mess of an album?


Kanye West has changed the title and track listing of his seventh studio album too many times to count. Maybe he should’ve spent the extra time working on a better album cover. Let's be honest, Kanye is usually the king of album artwork but as of last week - I had never seen such a Photoshopped mess, period.

Anyways, his new album, “The Life Of Pablo” is a collection of 18 expressive tracks which has him returning to his roots. He has also explored the emotional trapp you wanted from “808 & Heartbreaks” and the aggressive raps that “Yezzus” had everyone hooked on.

Opening with “Ultralight Beam” he has you unexpectedly going to church with a gospel trap beat. However this not the strongest album opener and may have you falling asleep.

To no ones surprise, Kanye loves hyping things up and creating a scene. Recently he tweeted about how he cried while writing “Father Stretch My Hands” so when I listened to the track I was ready to feel hella emotional but instead I felt hella creeped out. “Now if I fuck this model and she just bleached her asshole, and I get bleach on my T-shirt imma feel like an asshole”. Alright Kanye, I’m speechless and for the wrong reasons.

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And then you have the controversial “Famous” which proclaims “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, why? I made that bitch famous”. I have so many opinions on that line but what we can’t go past how great this song is. Featuring Rihanna and minus that line, this is probably the most commercial track on the record and could easily become another hit for him.

Other album highlights include “FML”, “Waves”, “Real Friends” and “No More Parties in LA”. The album features 7 interludes/mini tracks that are mostly a waste of time. It drags the album out and makes the 18 track length feel unnecessarily long. The major issue with “The Life of Pablo” is that it’s very monotonous with each song running into the other. The listener won't even realise that a new song has started.

With the crazy amount of hype around the album drop, I was hoping to experience rather groundbreaking and brilliant material. To my disappointment, the life changing moments only surfaced a couple of times throughout. One of these moments was the freestyle track, “I Love Kanye” where he makes fun of himself whilst proclaiming his love for ... himself! It’s so very Kanye.

So “The Life Of Pablo” may not have lived up to everyone's expectations but there’s no denying you will have a couple of these tracks on replay. Also, I’m glad he’s no longer relying on the over use of audio effects because that was getting boring.


Words: Thomas Bleach

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