Has Beyoncé been disadvantaged with only Tidal release?

Beyoncé doesn’t want you to forget that she slays.

This week she dropped a new single and music video, announced a world tour, performed at the SuperBowl, caused some controversy and has the whole world talking about when her forthcoming sixth studio album will drop. And she’s done all this solely by social media promotion. Impressive? Just a little.

“Formation” is a bounce track that compliments and emulates the success of “7/11”. The song looks at self-empowerment and black culture with the music video based around Hurricane Katrina, police brutalities and racism. It’s a quite confronting music video but at the same time it’s visually stunning. This is not a radio hit single. It will not appeal to the pop Beyoncé fans but will follow a trend that she’s been experimenting with since her 2013 self-titled record and is similar to what her peers are releasing.

It's a track that grows on you with each listen and with the brassy hook you will find yourself bopping along enthusiastically singing “I Slay”. One of my favourite lines is the unique and hilarious “I got hot sauce in my bag, swag”. If it was anyone else I would throw some shade at how ridiculous that line is, but its Beyoncé so I’m just going to say it's genius. “Formation” is a great and interesting comeback for Beyoncé but I cant help but think she is disadvantaging herself with the Tidal exclusive release which is causing the song to have less of an impact. But other than that, all I can say is... SLAY.

Words: Thomas Bleach

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