Golf Attire Checklist - A Must Know For Beginners

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Is golf your long-time passion? Or have you just started thinking about it? In any case, you need to consider investing in golf attire.

The golf dress code has been around since the 18th century. Even though the standards have changed, each private golf course has its own rules.

Even if you are playing golf on a municipal course, you should still pay some attention to the attire. The dress code wasn’t just created to make players feel special and different. It serves the purpose of comfort and protection.

This golf attire checklist can help you get a good idea of what you need for a perfect golf game.

1. Polo Shirts With Collars

Collared shirts are the first thing on the list of any course’s dress code. You can wear a short-sleeved or long-sleeved polo shirt depending on the weather. Sometimes, when it’s hot and sunny out, it makes sense to opt for a long-sleeved shirt to avoid sunburns.

Pay special attention to the material the shirt is made of. According to golf attire experts from The Golf Society, it’s better to opt for 100% cotton shirts in a cool climate and consider synthetic shirts during hot summers.

Special synthetic materials can wick away the sweat and make you feel cool and comfortable for hours.

2. Shorts, Skirts, And Pants

Knee-length shorts and pants are another important part of the golf attire. According to the common dress code, these shorts and pants have to have belt loops. You don’t need to wear the belt itself, but the loop should be in place.

Women wonder whether they can wear skirts to the golf course. Skirts aren’t very comfortable for playing golf, especially short ones. If a golf club has a dress code, most likely skirts aren’t allowed.

You can consider wearing skorts (a mix of shorts and skirt) or a skirt with tights underneath. Both these options may not be acceptable in some clubs.

If you do decide to wear a skirt, its length should run below your fingertips when you are standing up. Always check club rules before opting for a skirt.

3. Golf Shoes

Golf shoes deserve your special attention because they ensure comfort during the game. Shoes you wear to the golf course shouldn’t damage the surface.

Golf shoes come with soft spikes and rubber studs that ensure you have a good grip of the surface without ripping it. Golf shoes with metal spikes are outdated. You may be turned away from the club if you come wearing those.

4. Socks

While socks aren’t mandatory, it makes sense to wear them to the golf course to ensure the comfort of your feet. The length of the socks depends on the rules of each club.

Some ask for socks to be high. Others allow ankle-length socks. Many clubs don’t have any rules related to the socks at all.

5. Hats

You should cover your head when you play golf in the summer in order to avoid a heat stroke. When the weather is mild, some golfers settle for a visor. The smartest choice for a golf course is a baseball cap. Straw hats are allowed as well.

Try to avoid cowboy hats, fedoras or gag hats. The majority of golf clubs will say “no” to such attire.

When choosing golf attire, pay special attention to colors. Opt for neutral shades. Flashy outfits are frowned upon at the majority of exclusive golf courses. Consider solid colors instead of stripes and prints. Always tuck your shirt in.

Use this checklist when selecting the proper golf attire for your next game. However, don’t forget to check the rules of each club before attending.