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He was an exceptional racer like his rival James, but that was their only similarity. Lauda was confident, cold and upfront. He wasn't always favourited as he said it how he saw it and he possibly has the more fascinating story.

Rush starts off where James and Niki first meet and instantly you are able to see how this lasting rivalry begins. It then splits off and takes you on two separate journeys between both Hunt's and Lauda's personal lives showing exactly how their personas were formed; while also displaying their road to the grand stage of Formula One. The main focus of this film is the 1976 F1 World Championship as they both battle it out for the title.


The really incredible part of the film is not necessarily the rivalry itself, or the entertainment value of it but rather the effect that it had on their career, and their professional relationship with one another. Not very apparent at first, but after Lauda's accident it really starts to show.

The performances from Chris Hemsworth and Danile Brühl are quite amazing. Hemsworth has a great soft British accent as he brings a certain spark to give Hunt that playboy flare and witty charm. He also produces the raw emotion needed to portray the anguish which his character goes through at certain points. Whereas Brühl displays the perfect seemingly emotional block of Lauda as well as projecting his sheer drive and passion for racing.

Rush is an engaging and honest film which whether you're a racing fan or not, will have you have interested from the green light to the checkered flag. Whether it be their stories, the adrenaline charged racing scenes or you're just waiting to see Chris Hemsworth's tush, Rush will make you a racing fan for its entire duration.

Rush is in cinemas on now, check local listing for details.