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Son of a Gun follows nineteen year old JR (Brandon Thwaites), who has just been locked up for six months for a minor crime. Experiencing a rude awakening to prison life, JR needs to adjust and more importantly keep safe.

Brenton Lynch (McGregor), a notorious thief connected inside and out protects JR in return for his help when he gets out. This is where you get a sense JR is drowning in a world he never chose. Constantly second guessing, JR manages a bold prison escape for Lynch and his crew. As his reward he gets brought along to the next job, a gold heist worth millions. Falling in love with the off limits Tasha (Alicia Vikander), JR is motivated to get his share of the gold and escape with the girl in one successive move.

With not all going to plan at the mine, a power struggle ensues between Lynch and his connections sending him & JR pursuing their share of the gold, and stopping at nothing till they get their revenge. With high stakes on play, an internal battle develops between Jr and Lynch as they allow paranoia to seep in finally plotting mentor vs. protégée for their slice of the gold.

Son of a Gun Film Reviewed by Fashion Weekly

Son of a Gun engages each individual with a strong story and non-stop action. At the core of the story is the father figure dynamic between JR and Lynch; this inter-reliant relationship holds the story together and develops before your eyes. The whole cast performed superbly, with Thwaites performing JR with such vulnerability the watcher is easily able to connect with his journey. McGregor as usual is incredible, displaying Lynch's control and authority while building a believable link with Thwaites.

A personal highlight for me is the backdrop; I don't see how the film could come to life the way it did without the chosen settings. Starting with an active high security prison in Western Australia and a gold heist in an authentic Kalgoorlie gold mine, it is in that realism that the story gains meaning and you truly appreciate the vision of the director. The only negative I feel with such a film is within the constant moving parts; each scene seemed to flow at a pace that felt un-fulfilling. Son of a Gun just appeared as if rushed and could have done with a few moments so you could appreciate the characters actions in that scene.

Overall though, that's just a minor thing and I don't think you will be disappointed, as Son of a Gun delivers grasping entertainment in an action-packed way.

Fashion Weekly's Rating – 3.5 stars

In Cinemas October 16, 2014

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 Son of a Gun Film Reviewed by Fashion Weekly