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You have mentioned that your best work comes through when you are 'connected'. Could you give us an insight as to what that means?

For me being connected means being happy, calm and being able to tap into the creative stream that I feel is available to all of us. If I try to work when I'm not in this state it's counterproductive, although sometimes the act of painting itself can help me get there. Meditation or sitting and appreciating all the good things in my life are both techniques I use to prepare.

Describe your creative aesthetic in three words?

Painterly, philosophical and uplifting.

Tell us about your exhibition "Presence" at Platform72?

My paintings were more quiet than previous works, they speak about vibration. As always I have incorporated text into the work. I have tried to create gossamer like sheaths of paint to represent the subtlety of all that is around us. I want my work to be a positive influence on the space that they inhabit so any text has to be of the highest vibration. I have used the words love joy beauty grace and freedom in my work for many years now as I feel these are the gifts of being in alignment with our true nature.

I feel these words are what makes the painting feel uplifting. People don't know know why but these words affect them and soothe them. If my paintings do that I'm happy.

At Presence I had an installation component to the show, I had three models who were wearing hand painted unitards, they were like living paintings and had text incorporated onto the unitards and also on their skin. Unlike the paintings they had words that were darker and cover the gamut of human emotions from jealousy to passion as no one will have to live with these I was happy to include a a broader range of vibration into the experience. The models were like a physical representation of how our thoughts and words manifest and become realised in our lives.

Fashion Weekly Talks | Tracey Levett

What inspires you?

Everything, people, nature, books, trying to make sense of how it all works.

What advice would you give aspiring artists?

Create for yourself and keep going, keep filling up your tank with what inspires you.

What's next?

After the exhibition I am taking some time to think and write and "fill up my tank" before I begin a new body of work which I hope will be part of the on going evolution of my painting.

Fashion Weekly Talks | Tracey Levett

Fashion Weekly Talks | Tracey Levett