Fashion Weekly Talks | Blue King Brown

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Blue King Brown started in Byron Bay. The base player and I were street performers and we used to play drums on the street together. We had a vision for a band that included more than just drums but we wanted it to still have this heavy percussive sound which is what we have kept throughout Blue King Brown.

We wanted to put on a live show that is powerful and that entertains and includes the audience.

When did you feel that you had made it?

We are still in the process of making it. Every song and every album is a progression of growth of the journey. I wouldn't say that we have made it, but we do work really hard as an independent band and we put all of our time and energy into being musicians as well as being a voice.

What has been a highlight in your career?

One thing that comes to mind, is having the opportunity to tour with Santana. He is a legend and he is so professional, open, caring and humble.

The music industry hasn't changed him at all, he is so down to earth and that was so inspiring for us...

Do you have a favourite audience worldwide that you have performed for?


There is no favourite audience but, I will give a shout out to Japan, because they were the first international territory to bring Blue King Brown to their country.

What drives you to continue making music?

It is our DNA. That is our calling ... and being creative is really important. Music is life for us, it is what we love, what we listen to, it is everything to us.

What is one thing that the music industry has taught you?

To trust your intuition and instinct when it comes to working with people. And you have to work your arse off (she laughs).

The Gorgeous Festival is coming up, what are you most excited about?

The festival is going to be killer. The line up is really good and whenever we play in South Australia there is always a good vibe.

What's next?

We are looking at releasing our new album in the first quarter of next year. So keep an eye out for that.