White Label Noba presents An Old-Fashioned Morning Tea

The third annual An Old Fashioned Morning Tea, organised by Tracey Watkins, will raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s Australia. The morning will be hosted by Melissa Downes, from Channel Nine News, with the fashion parade by White Label Noba. The event will host an auction as well as amazing raffle prices and giveaways.

Tracey Watkins, founder and designer at White Label Noba, says her mother is the inspiration for hosting the event - a creative and stylish woman who suffered, like many, from Alzheimer’s Disease.

“Having absolutely no say over which memories we forget and which are kept; which people will fade from our recognition; the places we know and go everyday that will suddenly become strange – that is terrifying; and it’s happening to hundreds of thousands of people across the country. So, I invite people from all over Brisbane to take some time out, to come to An Old Fashioned Morning Tea and to celebrate the time we have, with people we care about, in one of the city’s most beautiful locations – because life is just too short to forget what’s great,” she said.

The Old-Fashioned Morning Tea will be hosted in Hanworth House, one of the oldest and most iconic properties in inner Brisbane. Tickets are selling at $65.00 per person from www.stickytickets.com.au.


Words: Frances van Eeden