Elyse Knowles on the importance of giving back

EMU Australia is launching their global partnership with WaterAid, working together towards a vision of a world where everyone, everywhere has safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

Elyse Knowles supports Wateraid and EMU Australlia

Did you know that everyday millions of people are forced to drink dirty water that causes fatal diseases? EMU Australia and WaterAid have launched their global partnership and are working together to ensure everyone has access to clean water. We chatted with WaterAid supporter Elyse Knowles to find out more about this cause, her involvement and how you can help.

Can you tell us about your role as a supporter for WaterAid?

EK: I have a brand called Evrryday and every purchase donates 10% to WaterAid. It is such a great way to give back and to see something so small make a big difference.

What inspired you to design fashion pieces and give back?

EK: I wanted the customers to realise how easy it is to donate and to how good we have it in Australia. Evrryday is about encouraging everyone to make a difference.

What made you choose to donate to WaterAid?

EK: Seeing the smiles on the faces of the children is priceless... Collaborating with WaterAid was a great way to [demonstrate] how ... something so small can change the lives of individuals overseas. Helping others by providing funds for the simple things that we take for granted like clean water and sanitation was an easy decision.

What advice would you give to someone looking to support WaterAid?

EK: Donating to WaterAid is very easy. It’s a quick process and leaves you feeling amazing! Purchasing something from EMU Australia or Evrryday also contributes.

How has making a difference through WaterAid impacted your life?

EK: Over 650 million people live without clean water and 2.3 billion people don't have access to adequate sanitation - one in three of the worlds population. 315,000 children under five die from diarrhoea diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation. That’s 900 children per day. Hearing these facts changed my life and hopefully it will encourage others to take action.

EMU Australia has recently launched a global partnership with WaterAid. Why do you think this is a positive collaboration?

EK: It’s not only pushing the awareness in Australia but globally. It’s so amazing that EMU Australia are supporting this important cause globally.

Five Fast Facts

What does behind the scenes of Evrryday look like?

EK: Crazy crazy crazy! I truely do admire people who have started their own label. It’s tough work. My house is covered with drawings, design and product! My poor boyfriend. In the coming years I can't wait to expand and grow!

What is your ultimate beauty tip?

EK: Drink loads of water. There is no better way to hydrate your skin.

What’s your life motto?

EK: I always remind myself ... “life is good” ; “everything happens for a reason” and “work hard, play hard”.

What’s next for you?

EK: All doors are open. I like to set big goals and push myself to achieve them. I love working along side EMU Australia and I’m really looking forward to some exciting campaigns coming up with them. They’re such a unique Australian brand, with a global voice.