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Tips from the expert

The key to making a house a home, lies in striking the balance between functionality and individuality. A stylish home that lacks functionality for those who live in it is pointless, and by the same notion a house that is purely functional doesn't reflect the personality of it's inhabitants.

When renovating my own cottage, originally built in 1885, I sought to find the perfect balance between style and function.


Be Divine Home is a home design service providing project management of renovations, right through to interior styling and re-design.

I wanted to create a service to help other people transform their home into a place that truly reflects their lifestyle and their personality. I learned through my own experience renovating and styling my place, that creating wonderful spaces requires an ability to visualise how all the pieces in the puzzle fit together. Sometimes, it makes a world of difference to have an expert do all that work for you.

I enjoy and take extra pride in understanding and working with the needs of my clients. Each service is tailored to each individual space because the same rules don't always apply to all houses. I believe a person's home should be filled with beautifully styled rooms that have their own character, but also all fit together from an overall styling perspective – the goal is to create a space that flows. In order to achieve that, it's essential to know when to take a risk and when not to. Mixing old with new, complementing different textures and finishes, splashes of colour, stunning designs as well as clean lines are my style.

For more information visit www.bedivinehome.com.au or email beate@bedivine.com.au.