Delicious Destination | Depo

"During the day it's all bustle. Mum's, kids, teachers, the noise of the playground and at night it's quiet, with the noise of the traffic heading west along Coronation Drive (across the Brisbane River) sounding like the surf hitting the shore," Lotersztain said.

"You've also got this beautiful transitional stage as the afternoon moves towards twilight and the sunlight spills through the gum trees out the front dappling onto the deck and the interior of the venue.


Depo's food and design go hand in hand.

"It's the classic Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde scenario. Coffee, baked goods, breakfast and sunshine by day and sophisticated dining and intimacy by night," said Van Genderen.

"By day everything is open and the street is brought into the building with the sun spilling through the venue. By night, things feel different, you walk in off the quiet street, the lighting provides a sense of intimacy and the textures and colours inside change, becoming more muted and receding into the shadows.

"We'll always be welcoming and inclusive, that is a big part of our experience. We just want to embrace the theatre of day and night and allow our patrons to become a part of that."

Depo is open Wednesday to Sunday.