Create a Romantic Oasis at Home this Valentine’s Day

If you want to create the perfect atmosphere for a special Valentine's Day spent at home this year, check out these tips that will help you set the mood using lighting, soft furnishings and more.

Get the lighting right
Nothing kills the mood more than harsh, overhead lighting that shows up every pore! Dim the lights or better yet, turn them off and cluster candles throughout your home.

1. Ruby red flameless candles- Bold, red flameless candles are a great choice for Valentine's Day and they won't blow out no matter how long your night goes for. Plus, kitty can't knock them over and cause a mess even if you line the pathway for your loved one used flameless candles on the floor.

Flameless Candle LED Wax Ruby Red Distressed - Enjoy Lighting

2. Salt lamps tealight holders- When setting your table with candlelight, choose something unique to place your tealights in. Organic Himalayan Salt tealight holders are not only beautiful, but Himalayan Salt is used throughout the world in homes for it's calming and balancing effect.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Tealight Holder 1KG - SafeFlame

3. Outdoor flameless candles- Fancy a night under the stars on your terrace or balcony? Outdoor weatherproof candles look just like real candles but are battery operated and are completely weatherproof. So if you get a little distracted and end up leaving them outside and it happens to rain or you forget to turn them off, no sweat!

Create the perfect playlist
Plan ahead by creating a playlist that you'll both enjoy. Nothing too uptempo, just something relaxing and chilled out, Cafe Del Mar style. Have the playlist going ahead of time so you can test the volume level and get it just right.

Create a Romantic Oasis at Home this Valentine’s Day

Use floor cushions and throw rugs
Create a comfortable sitting area on the floor or lounge using plenty of soft cushions and throw rugs. Make it soft enough so you can enjoy hours of cuddling and whispering sweet nothings to one another.

Create a Romantic Oasis at Home this Valentine’s Day

Use scents
Fragrances can really get the senses going. Lightly fragrance the air using rose petals, an oil burner or scented candle.

Last but not least, take the time to appreciate your efforts and enjoy every moment with your loved one on Valentine's Day this year.