Cher Lloyd's single 'Activated' is an apologetic flop

Cher Lloyd's latest single, 'Activated' has our ears asking for an apology.

Cher Lloyd's latest single, 'Activated' has our ears asking for an apology

So it has become apparent that Cher Lloyd is still alive and kicking after her sophomore studio album “Sorry I’m Late” flopped on the charts. The result so bad that it ended in her being dropped from her label.

But is seems she hasn't learnt and is back to do it all over again. All tea, no shade. “Activated” is the first (and potentially last) single from her forthcoming third studio album (which has no date).

The song is as forgetful as her second album was and doesn’t wow you with the personality her debut was vibrantly full of.

In her latest single, she attempts to give you a taste of her sass but it comes across forced and weak. The production sounds like it was created on GarageBand and has suffered in a low budget mastering session.

There’s a reason why this song has slipped under the radar and I don’t know if we are going to hear too much more from her in the coming months.

We're really sorry about it. But on a side note, at least the artwork is on point and she looks amazing.

Words: Thomas Bleach

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