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Above all, the city represents itself as a major travel hub, allowing easy accessibility to several touristic destinations near and far.

If visiting this location is on your wish list but seems from possible, maybe a career change could be the beginning of your new adventure.

Let us introduce you to Emirates Cabin Crew. A journey where you may have to deal with envious friends and family members living vicariously through your Instagram updates!

One of the many advantages of working as Emirates Cabin Crew is the variety of exotic, charming and bustling locations you'll encounter while on the job. With over 145 destinations across six continents, flying to cosmopolitan cities and exploring the world is as much a part of the job as is going to the office.

As Emirates Cabin Crew, no two days are alike. Some days are spent preparing for a long haul – being well slept and keeping healthy, providing outstanding customer service and attending to any inflight duties are all part and parcel of the job. The payoff? Spending your downtime in a brand new city, sightseeing and trying new food with colleagues. Other days, flights may be shorter and more local; either way, you always have the opportunity to discover new things, whether inflight, in a different city or in your new hometown of Dubai.

With so many places to go, things to do and sights to see, and with the added bonus of excellent travel concessions for crew, family and friends, joining Emirates Cabin Crew is a choice career for those who possess the passion to uncover the world's vast territory and all of its offerings. If you love that top of the world feeling, this is where you want to be.

A career with Emirates pairs the adventurous spirit with professional stability, creating seamless work-life integration. As Emirates Cabin Crew, crew members will live in dynamic Dubai amongst an ever-growing community of expats, and pursue their travel dreams while attaining career advancement with one of the world's fastest growing airlines. Oh, and a tax-free salary with year round sunshine doesn't hurt either.

As Emirates Cabin Crew, gaining international experience is part of the deal. Working with colleagues from over 130 nationalities and travelling to destinations across the world is an excellent education in learning about different cultures, expanding skill sets and rapidly advancing your career.

Choosing the crew life is anything but boring. With new adventures to take on each and every day, a career as Cabin Crew is sure to challenge limits and delight the senses. With the travel-loving, passionate jet-setter frame of mind that all Emirates Cabin Crew possess, Emirates will continue to be visionary and progressive.

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