Casa Nostra Ristorante is set to make a major stir

This is one restaurant you won't want to miss!

Casa Nostra Ristorante is set to make a stir

Two Brisbane locals Biagio and Sarah Biuso have just returned home after a long stint in Cairns, with their newest dining project set to open in Brisbane sometime this month.

They're the dynamic duo responsible for Red Hill's popular Biagio, Alberto's Trattoria in Bondi, Zollis Trattoria in Townsville and, of course, Marina Paradiso in Cairns where they have been based for the last few years.

The power couple have been working in Italian restaurants for decades and their passion for delivering incredible food and service is evident in every venue they have created. No doubt this new Brisbane addition will be no exception to this.

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Casa Nostra Ristorante will introduce Brisbane diners to authentic, handmade Sicilian cuisine served up in a warm and welcoming environment, providing a true Italian dining experience in the heart of Fortitude Valley.

Handmade being the key word here: everything on the menu will be made in house. From fresh, hand-made pasta to the flavoursome pizza sauces; Casa Nostra will use local, seasonal ingredients in their dishes.

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This strictly traditional and authentic creation of food is something quite rare in this day and age, and is no doubt going to cause quite a stir in the Brisbane dining scene.

Meaning 'our home', Casa Nostra will focus on Italian cuisine with a difference, offering a large range of fresh seafood, meats, pastas, pizzas and of course deserts.

Does anyone else’s mouth water at the mention of grilled local scallops and sautéed prawns in a sauce of tomato, feta cheese and avocado? Not to mention the bed of handmade fettuccine and fresh seafood, topped with Biagio's Sicilian sauce, made from a special family recipe.

Creating a homely, comfortable experience is something that Biagio and Sarah Biuso are passionate about.

“Every diner who comes through the doors will be treated like a guest in our home. We want to make people feel truly welcome – like our house is their house,” says Sarah Biuso.

As Brisbane is a relatively young city in comparison to the rest of the world, tradition and culture can sometimes become lost and forgotten, especially when it comes to authentic food. This is a gap that Sarah and Biagio are sure to fill.

We are so excited to book a reservation at Casa Nostra and indulge in some beautiful, handmade cuisine.

Words: Alex Scoffell