Can You Feel the Love?

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Especially the recent breakup cases or the individuals that just really want to be in a relationship, Valentine's Day can seem to be a commercial holiday that reminds you of your love troubles. Because I am not going to let you struggle this Valentine's Day I am going to break down a list of things to do whether single or in a relationship on how to enjoy the extra love present on this day.

For the Couples


Since Valentine's Day is a personal occasion celebrated for you and your special someone, only you know what your partner enjoys or likes, but I hope these suggestions can assist. This night is all about quality personal time reflecting on your love so wherever you think is the best place for you and your partner to relax is the obvious choice.

Personal Dinner prepared at home – nothing beats a home cooked meal and when teamed with the right atmosphere it is hard to beat. Going the extra mile to cook your partners favourite meal, or even adding a hint of nostalgia by adding a food item from when you first met can show great appreciation and remembrance of importance. Setting the dinner table just right and adding some romantic beats can create the atmosphere for love without even leaving your house.

Romantic Dinner for Two – Well I hope it's for two I guess, I don't judge. Enough of the jokes and let's get down to love. Only you will know what you and your partner will enjoy eating, you don't really want to go for a risky cuisine in case your night is ruined with a bad case of...... let's just not go there. So your restaurant choice needs to reflect your love to some extent, so a restaurant that has a high dress code, a classy layout and great food will show your date the exact picture you want to paint. Even if the food isn't amazing, as long as the restaurant is classy and creates the right atmosphere that is all that matters. If sea sickness isn't a drama, a dinner cruise might be a great option as well to mix things up and create a memorable dinner.

Romancing in Nature


So if we merge a home cooked dinner with the benefit of going out to dinner we get an atmospheric dinner with nature, well kind of. Now to keep it cheap but completely amazing how bout planning a picnic dinner somewhere. Now for food options you want to keep it simple but satisfying, so extras like chocolate strawberries are great but you still need a good meal, worst thing would be to trying to be romantic but be distracted by the awing pain of hunger. Location options are where you can have the most fun. Maybe the location is significant to the both of you, or maybe you want to go somewhere new and fresh and make it significant. My choice would have to be a beach picnic at night or even a park picnic for lunch. The importance is the alone time and memories made.

For the Future Lovers and Current Singles

The options are actually greater, you're single, you're free so don't be held down by the thought of a partner rather enjoy your current freedom. If the romantic television movie features and Valentine's cinema releases serve as a reminder every year why not make this Valentines special. Instead grab a group of your single friends and head out for a night in the town. You can use Valentine's Day specials to save money and dine fancy and just enjoy the love emanating from your friends.

I could write a number of individual wine and dine options but hey, if you're single, Valentine's Day is just like any other day. It doesn't really matter what you do as long as you have fun, so make something out of it and make it memorable. Make a yearly tradition of friendship instead where you can reminisce with your best friends.

So whatever your relationship status, just remember, Valentine's Day brings out the love in everyone. Spend the day making moments, creating memories and sharing the love with whoever you claim as special.