Broods drops Conscious album and it's shocking

Sure they're going to be heavily criticised but bold experimentation is the new black, right?

Broods drops Conscious album and it's shocking

New Zealand brother and sister duo, Broods, are a name you already should be acquainted with. Their debut album “Evergreen” gained international recognition with the incredible offerings “Bridges” and “Mother & Father”. For their sophomore studio album they have gone towards a more electric pop infused sound moving away from the moody indie-pop their debut mastered. It’s a tactical move that will improve their live shows and see them moving towards bigger venues after opening for Ellie Goulding on her arena tour in America.

The opening track “Free” sets the mood with banging drums and oozing synths while still holding onto their honest and captivating lyrics.

“When I didn’t care was when I did my best. I’m desperate to run, I’m desperate to leave. If I lose it all at least I’ll be free”.

I’ve already made a massive call proclaiming that “Couldn’t Believe” is one of the best pop songs of 2016 and I’m standing by it. The euphoric feeling this song embodies is no small feat and they do it so effortlessly with the big synths that will have you non stop grooving.

“We Had Everything” and “Full Blown Love” follow this trend and create pure pop moments that you can’t help but instantly love. Their sound still holds onto their alternative roots with complex synths that make “Are You Home”, “Recovery” and “Hold The Line” stand out and not come across “too pop”.

Lorde helps bring back the sound you became accustomed to on the debut with the pulsating “Heartlines” that perfectly segues into some beautiful ballads.

“All Of Your Glory”, “Worth The Fight” and “Bedroom Door” are all highlights in their own right and give the album some balance from the heavy pop-synth driven sound that it is directed towards.

The only song I’m unsure about is the Tove Lo collaboration “Freak Of Nature” - only because this should have been a defining moment on the record but it just falls flat. Their two vocal techniques are too similar so when they come together it just loses momentum and fades into one. I feel like this song would have had the same impact if it was just Georgia on vocals.

Broods' album is very different from their debut but not only does it show growth but it also shows bold experimentation. They are going to be heavily criticised for this pop cross over but when the album is THAT good all you can do is applaud them because this will be one of the top 10 albums of the year.

Words: Thomas Bleach

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