Britney Spears suprises with 'Make Me' single

Could the singer finally be on the right track? 


If you’re complaining that the new Katy Perry single is too emotional and not enough of a banger, then Britney Spears has just the song for you.

“Make Me...” is a seductive pop track that follows the trend of RNB influenced slow electronic chart toppers that will have you popping, moving and feeling yourself. It’s a massive change from her previous playful singles that were more on the gimmicky side and didn’t really resonate with listeners.

“I just want you to make me move like it ain’t a choice for you, like you got a job to do. Just want you to raise my roof, something sensation and make me oooh.” 

Featuring on this track is current hit-list rapper G-Eazy. It isn't uncommon for Britney Spears to collaborate with someone who is currently doing well on the charts. But for once it doesn’t seem forced and actually occurs genuinely.

Listening to this song for the first time through - even I was surprised and impressed. I'm not saying the I don’t want another “Til the World Ends” and “Gimme More” cause I do, but I really like this direction that she’s going towards.

Fingers crossed that if this succeeds, then maybe everyone will forget about the absolute flop “Britney Jean” was. *here’s hoping*

Words: Thomas Bleach

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