Brisbane's First | Little Tokyo Two with Jock Fairweather

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Owner of Little Tokyo Two, Jock Fairweather said, "I wanted to create an all in one venue, so you would never have to go anywhere. And anyone you ever needed to work with would be in-house so we could all work with each other."

Luxury shoe designer and now LT2's very own, Jock Fairweather understands the growing need to connect Brisbane's visionary, creative and outgoing young entrepreneurs.

"The mantra of Little Tokyo Two is about sending the elevator back down."

"We are actively going to help and promote members."

"[We are] a long lasting family that can benefit from each other," says Fairweather.

What makes Brisbane ready for this type of business model? In short, why not Brisbane? Our city is coming into its own and the time is now to celebrate and support our creative community.

"It's not really revolutionary, but it is the next step in the whole workspace environment," he says.

The membership varies with individuals such as "CEO's of world health companies to illustrators and QUT interns."

LT2 will cap their members at where they see fit which may be approximately one-hundred and fifty .

With no plan to have Little Tokyo Two's in other cities, Fairweather wants to build up.

"We will put another level on top of this and then another one on top of that."

Consciously being aware of what his members want, his goal is to cater to their needs.

"When we go to build the next level, if they say we really need a hot tub, well, we can do it."

"Some people have joined to have fun, some networking and some for office space. What ever their goal is for joining, we will support that."

Brisbane's First | Little Tokyo Two with Jock Fairweather

"The whole point of this place is to be organic with the members. If they ask for a pop-up cinema ... we will do it. .. we will do anything they want."

Having lived overseas for the last six years working on his luxury shoe label and now returning back in Australia, Jock Fairweather will have to balance his new business venture, Little Tokyo Two.

"My end goal is to do education, and this is the start of my whole plan. This entrepreneurial collaborative is a big part of that."

Having previous experience in the fashion industry, he doesn't seem phased by the workload.

"Running your own fashion business is full on and in terms of not sleeping and having to do ridiculous hours."

"I have learnt to say yes, then fix the problems after," he says with a smile.

I have learnt to not get stressed by the problems. Learning to not let things affect you, and to make decisions on the fly. "You almost have to wing it. It's almost educated gambling," he laughs.

Apart from offering a supportive hub for creatives and like-minded individuals, Little Tokyo Two will run events every Tuesday called, Tokyo Tuesday which will provide the opportunity for insiders to network.

Fairweather also says its not too difficult to be a member of the LT2 family.

"It is simple, if we think you are visionary in whatever industry, and you are an interesting, personable person who we think will help the vibe in our community then that is basically the bottom line."

"Oh and there are three other little things. You have to eat Chinese sometimes, you have to drink sometimes and you can't be allergic to dogs," he says with a smile.

Also on offer is the Happy Boy - bar, restaurant and cafe which will offer members a continual casual or formal dining experience.

"[From] 6am to midday the cafe will be open, the lunch menu will be mixed ... and the dinner menu will be an provincial, authentic Chinese restaurant."

"I don't think there is anything like it in Brisbane ... The food will be a lot healthier and there are some really big twists on normal dishes. It will be a pretty big versatile menu, because we have to cater to so many different people."

The biggest challenge Fairweather believes he will face is having to bring on help faster than he anticipates. "It is a good problem ... I want to be really active with helping the members, which may mean releasing more memberships or some memberships will have to go up."

Little Tokyo Two will change the way entrepreneurs work and the way creatives will come together.

This is a first for Brisbane as Jock Fairweather is pioneering the way to a change and pushing for something new in our city.

"I don't think we are competing with other social clubs in Brisbane. Other clubs are either missing the workspace or missing the family feeling."

We look forward to seeing Little Tokyo Two expand upwards and wish Jock Fairweather a successful journey ahead.

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