Exclusive: Brisbane band L.U.V. gets personal

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We caught up with sisters, Vivi and Maya Mohan from L.U.V. to talk passion, resting bitch face and borrowing each other’s clothes.

“Yes, that’s my skirt that she is wearing,” squeals Maya as she looks and points at her younger sister.

Both siblings admit to borrowing and wearing pieces from each other’s wardrobe all of the time but sometimes it doesn’t go as well as planned.

“I wore Vivi’s shirt to a gig the other night and it was slightly too small for me and I ripped it,” Maya giggles.

The girls are sitting opposite me in a quiet café on Brisbane’s iconic, Eagle Street Pier. Maya is sipping on a large creamy latte while Vivi pours her English Breakfast Tea.

This is the first time we’ve met. The girls are comfortable and confident and we’re chatting away casually about what’ they’ve been up to lately.

Bright-eyed and bubbly, Maya says, “We’ve been doing demos, writing songs and working on our next single. We’ve also been performing at a lot of shows.”

We caught up with sisters, Vivi and Maya Mohan from L.U.V. to talk passion, resting bitch face and borrowing each other’s clothes.

They’re sisters, bestfriends and business partners. Music is their passion and together they plan on taking on the world.

“We found it better to do it together because we are such good friends and it’s kind of like, you come up with an idea and you can validate it with the other one,” says Maya.

Though they’ve only just stepped onto the scene, the duo have already started to disrupt the local industry, with their music gaining some great attention.

“We put out our [latest single] and it got some really good comments from Triple J, radio interviews and blogger reviews,” says Maya as she puts down her latte.

As I delve deeper into the question about the band getting exposure, she looks at me seriously and says, “What we find hard is trying to get people to listen to our music, because getting it in-front of people isn’t easy.”

Even though the market may be dense, the girls believe that there is one thing that will set them apart.

“Always make sure that what you do comes from who you are,” says 18 year-old Vivi.

Maya quickly jumps in adding, “You have to be authentic. You have to keep going and you have to be super driven.”

She glances down and looks back up at Vivi and continues, “It’s not like we’ve had a whole pile of set backs, but when things don’t go as planned or we’re disappointed; the best thing [for us] is to go back and write another song.”

I ask them about where their band name, L.U.V. came from and Vivi shuffles in her seat and says, “We’re still figuring out what it means to us.”

Maya shoots her a glance and Vivi continues saying, “We liked the feel of the name. It suited us. It feels electric to me, but also fresh and young which is how we feel going into it. And the love thing is pretty cute. I mean, who doesn’t love, love!”

We caught up with sisters, Vivi and Maya Mohan from L.U.V. to talk passion, resting bitch face and borrowing each other’s clothes.

Their passion for music started from a young age. Their dad was a musician and Vivi discovered his massive record collection when she was only in her early teens.

“Oh yes, our family is very big on music ... we were always surrounded by old music.”

With a cheeky grin, Maya says, “The Beatles are our number one favourite. Vivi went through a massive Beatles' phase, and it’ still going.”

Vivi laughs and explains, “I’ve managed to dial it down, so when you walk into my room, you kind of can’t tell as much anymore.”

They’re passion is prominent, but I had to ask if they worry that the industry and fame could change them?

“I reckon, for sure. I don’t think it’s something that we fixate or worry about a whole lot, but you do see it happen to a lot of people. You have to be aware that this does happen but it ties back into being authentic,” says Maya.

Vivi positively chimes in: “I’m less worried about it because we have each other.”

At the ages of only 18 and 21, discipline and drive are two of the forces behind their early success. But what else helps to keep them motivated when times get tough?

Maya starts, “We could not have done this without our family.... We look up to them and to each other.”

“We’re very driven and we don’t like to let ourselves down. That can sometimes be hard, because when you’re a perfectionist you’re constantly trying to live up to your own expectations.”

Her hands rest on the table as she gathers her thoughts, “And then when you don’t, that’s when you can get a bit disappointed. But you have to remember how far you’ve come... I’ve come this far and I can’t justify stopping because I love it.”

We caught up with sisters, Vivi and Maya Mohan from L.U.V. to talk passion, resting bitch face and borrowing each other’s clothes.

The sun starts to set over the river and our time together is nearly running out. I turn to Vivi and ask if there is one of Maya's bad habits that she can reveal.

Vivi answers hesitantly and then laughs, “She gets that bitchy resting face.”

But when I ask her about Maya’s best quality, her demeanor lightens up and she says, “She’s the most caring person ever!”

There’s no doubt these girls will make a name for themselves. They ooze intelligence and maturity. Their strong bond is undivided and together they’re paving their own journey.

“We are always writing and that helps determine where we are going. Our sounds will evolve and we’ll go through little phases... But we want to play shows and keep playing in bigger venues and connect with more people,” says Maya.

She then looks at me with conviction and says, “We just want to play for the fans of our music. Because that’s what [we] crave the most.”

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