Breakfast inspo: The Instagrams to follow

Written by Jessica Lunan

These meal ideas will quickly make breakfast your favourite meal of the day.

Are you sick of starting your day off with the same vegemite on toast and coffee day in and day out? Is your excuse that you’re usually running late to create a delicious meal, or that you prefer to skip it all together?

Find meal inspiration and start your day on the right note with these delicious, easy breakfast ideas. Afterall, it’s one of the most important meals of the day.

Chia Pudding


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Chia seeds are a super food that has been exploding in the health world of late. Known for its high fibre and source of protein and calcium, these little seeds have an abundance of benefits for your health. Plus, chia puddings can be quickly prepared the night before for those of us who are time poor in the mornings (or just hit the snooze button a few too many times).

Simply mix chia seeds in a bowl or jar with coconut milk and your choice of sweetener and let set in the fridge. Then top with your favourite seasonal fruits, and viola- and Instagram worthy brekkie!

Smoothie bowl


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If you haven’t witnessed the craze with smoothie bowls, all we have to say is where have you been? This meal is super easy to prepare and you can literally pop any fruit into your blender for a delicious and healthy morning treat. Our favourite is blending frozen bananas with a heaped spoon of cacao powder and topped with berries for a yummy chocolate fix.

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Buckwheat Pancakes

Who can resist pancakes? These buckwheat pancakes by Kris from pearsnpancakes have our mouths watering! Topped with berries, coconut and maple syrup, it's what breakfast dreams are made of.

Toast assortments

Toast (and bread in general) is one of our favourite foods. Yet it’s easy to fall into the same habit of smothering your slice with the same spread of choice each morning. Push the boundaries and play with different topping for a filling meal. Have peanut butter and fresh fruit for a sweet breakfast, or avocado and tomato for something savory (we love pairing this with vegemite too).

Baked eggs

If you have time on your hands, baked eggs are a delicious option for you! Plus, they’re no fuss quality means you can cook these while getting ready. Simply pop your filling of choice (we love tomato and basil), crack an eggs on top, season to your taste and pop in the oven. Yum!

Homemade granola


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It’s an obvious choice, but there is something about granola that is so delicious. Perhaps it’s the balance of crunchiness with sweetness that we love so much. Our favourite is pairing granola with coconut yogurt and berries for a delicious morning meal.