Blue Jasmine Film Review

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"Blue Jasmine" begins aboard a flight from the iconic New York to the picturesque city of San Francisco. This is where we first meet Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) as she discusses her glamorous life of the past, and touches on parts of her demise to the passenger beside her. You will soon discover that as she delves into her rather vain story, she somewhat has quite a high opinion of herself.


Jasmine is travelling to San Francisco to stay with her sister Ginger (Sally Hawkins) until she can get herself back on her feet. After her husband (Alec Baldwin) was exposed for being a con-artist, she lost everything from her previous limitless life, such as her indulgent luxurious travels, shopping splurges and seemingly endless wealth. During the film it is evident that more than just her lifestyle was affected by this drastic financial remodeling.

Throughout the film the essence of who she is, and the life and culture she came from is revealed through her stories from how she deals with people and how she talks about herself.


From the moment the film begins your curiosity is born of how her previous life had crashed and burned. Your interests are satisfied through cutscenes from when she was on top of the world, while also showing how her husband's love for money and how his success eventually ruined them both.

"Blue Jasmine" is a rather compelling and yet somehow depressing story of how money doesn't buy happiness, as well as "what goes around comes around". As Jasmine sets out to start a somewhat fresh start and make something of herself, she soon discovers that mistakes can come back to haunt you.

The cast in this film is really quite phenomenal. Cate Blanchett is possibly one of the greatest female actors of her generation. The performance that she delivers will make you frustrated yet feel sympathy towards her because of how she portrays Jasmine so spectacularly. While Alec Baldwin will make you believe he has nothing but good intentions because of how smooth he makes himself seem.

Woody Allen has created beautiful darkness with "Blue Jasmine", which is definitely worth the watch.

Blue Jasmine hits theatres on the 12th of September.