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The origin stories of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) are always a treat. It sets up the success of the sequels and how the character will be perceived in all future stories. This is where Ant-Man did not disappoint. With Paul Rudd at the helm including the writing of the screenplay, Ant-Man drifts away from the distracting and repetitive noise of its predecessors and provides a more heart focused and humour fused affair different from the recent blockbusters.

“Ant-Man” introduces Scott Lang (Rudd) as a recently released master thief trying to piece back the remnants of his life. His past mistakes have caused his wife to divorce him: shifting his focus to making things right for his daughter. Struggling to change his life for the better but still somehow trying to find a way to provide for his daughter, Lang is on the cusp to giving in to a heist. The attention grabbing, and really a comedic highlight of the whole film is Lang’s old cellmate Luis (Michael Pena) and his colleague Dave (T.I.) who plays catalyst to him taking up his old life one more time.

Ant-Man Film Review

This is where the story transpires before us, Lang unknowingly targets the safe of Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) the inventor of the original Ant-Man suit. Pym created the technology as a military weapon, giving the wearer the ability to shrink in scale yet grow in strength but eventually retired it as to divert it from the wrong hands. Hank intrusts Scott with the suit and a job, forming a somewhat mentorship/fatherhood thematic relationship that acts as a core building block for the rest of the plot.

To summarise, Ant-Man delivers as the latest comic book movie and in a different way to any other. The ability to generate small-scale real world perspectives like rail-road hopping on a Thomas the Tank Engine set adds to the charm and adventure of the film. Everyone loves the witty one-liners that litter the Marvel franchises but Ant-Man takes that even further and creates some genuinely funny moments that will leave you quoting lines with your friends for awhile.

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