AMY 2015 Movie Review

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AMY reveals how confronting love and fame is and the power it can hold over a mere mortal. Amy Winehouse, a gifted jazz singer with big hair, sheer talent and a melodic gift fell into a downward spiral. Sadly this is a journey about a fabulous creature who lived for music and love ... recklessly.

She never sold herself to the music industry, in fact she resented the attention. She loved to write lyrics and having suffered from depression this was her way of 'getting it out'. But sadly she often attempted to escape her reality by excessively turning to alcohol and drugs until it took her too far.

AMY 2015 Movie Review

She was a tormented soul but her voice and music was rich and deep. Throughout the film you are given a personal and upclose look at who is Amy Winehouse ... and it wasn't pretty. The never-before-seen raw motion pictures and still photographs gave the feeling of watching her life in real-time.

The director said that the early footage gave the filmmakers a strong visual theme. "There’s a lot of stuff where she looks straight down the lens, straight at the audience ... I found that very powerful. It starts off being very friendly, and she films herself a lot, literally talking to herself on camera.”

There are no new discoveries made as you watch AMY, it's the honest blatant truth. A beautiful woman with her guitar, thick eyeliner and passion to sing and write. She's brutally authentic, complex and intelligent but she craved to be loved and constantly sought approval in her relationships.

Her father comes off money hungry and her mother admits to being a 'too soft'. Her marriage with ex husband, Black Fielder-Civil was toxic and abusive. From an observers perspective, the only real thing she had in her life was her Bodyguard, Andrew Morris.

AMY 2015 Movie Review

He would be one of her final conversations and in the film reveals that she said to him, "If I could give it all back and walk down that street with no hassle, I would."

Producer Gay-Rees said, "“She was ... a suburban girl from north London. She wasn’t born for fame, necessarily; I don’t think anyone is. Amy was just a Jewish kid from North London who became this phenomenon ... [she] was not a Justin Bieber. She wasn’t a Disney kid.”

A powerful moment within the film is witnessing the chaos of the paparazzi as they pursued her with no consideration. To watch her unravel in those moments with the cameras flashing - it couldn't of felt more real.

Director Asif Kapadia said, “Something happened with Amy Winehouse ...I wanted to know how that happened in front of our eyes. How can someone die like that in this day and age? And it wasn’t a shock; I almost knew it was going to happen. You could see she was going down a certain path.”

It's not a feel-good film, it's traumatically heartbreaking. The truth is that her untapped potential, big personality and incredible talent is an incomplete story.

AMY is out in Australian cinemas July 2, 2015.

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