All You Need To Know About NeoSurf Australia

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As a prepaid voucher service, NeoSurf allows users to make online transactions while leaving out their financial details. There are about a hundred thousand NeoSurf outlets across the world, and each sells NeoSurf vouchers to people that need them. Funding a NeoSurf Australia online account is easy – all you need is to input your voucher code number into the space your bookmaker provides and your account will be credited. Through their respective NeoSurf accounts, users can assess transaction records, transfer their balance across tickets, and ask for the refund of available funds into the bank account attached to such an account.

NeoSurf allows you to make deposits in Online Casinos

You will be amazed at the ease and reliability of earning deposits in online casinos using the NeoSurf prepaid card. Ensure that you choose NeoSurf as a preferred payment method at the point of purchasing your card. Type in the 10-digit identification code that appears on the pop-up window of the cashier page of the online casino, along with the amount of the deposit you wish to make. Now, proceed to click “VALIDATE” – this moves the funds into the casino account immediately. Luckily, no extra charge is attached to the use of NeoSurf for internet deposits. Also, withdrawing money from an online casino account by clients using the NeoSurf system is impossible.

Apart from their excellent prepaid voucher service, NeoSurf is on the verge of creating a NeoCash MasterCard. The initiative, which is in partnership with MasterCard, seeks to provide prepaid (plastic) MasterCard to customers while allowing them to use the same with several merchants across the world. Users can load their NeoSurf MasterCard with cash or via bank transfer and credit card.

Pros and Cons of NeoSurf Australia Online

● Registration doesn’t require any special documents. You can make deposits without providing any financial detail about yourself.
● Secure transactions, all thanks to the 128bit security system that encrypt all NeoSurf Australia online payments.
● You can load the cards with a specific amount. This helps you control your level of spending on a bookmaker. You can also keep track of your losses and profits easily.
● Payments via NeoSurf are immediately reflected on the betting balances. This comes handy when you need to bet or make bookings immediately.

● Although the reach of NeoSurf has extended to several countries, its origin remains French. This means that most of the NeoSurf outlets are found in France and nearby regions. Hence, it can be difficult for people looking to get prepaid vouchers physically by paying cash.
● You cannot make withdrawals back to NeoSurf cards. The only option is for you to withdraw your funds into their bank accounts, and this process takes a long time and requires additional verification from the bookmakers.
● Who accepts NeoSurf? Only a few established bookmarkers accept NeoSurf as a deposit method, i.e., NeoSurf casinos. However, the NeoCash MasterCard is accepted almost everywhere without restrictions, unlike the case of NeoSurf vouchers.

Types of NeoSurf Prepaid Cards

There are two types of NeoSurf prepaid cards at the moment, each varying in requirements and capabilities.

The Timeless NeoSurf Card

With this prepaid card, it is possible to buy from each of the partners’ websites. Likewise, the card offers an extended worth of $15, $30, $50, $100.


This application allows users to buy NeoSurf cards online as well as pay via a credit card, bank transfer, or check. Not that assessing most of these additional services may require you to provide some personal information while registering on the NeoCash and/or MyNeoSurf Australia online website.


The NeoSurf Australia online payment process is secure, with the integration of a 129-bit security system that encrypts all transactions. So, clients can easily create their online casino residue without worrying about the safety of their funds. NeoSurf Australia online is a great option for making online residue and purchases, considering that it doesn’t require you to submit any personal information like email, name, or phone number.

Final Thoughts

NeoSurf Australia remains a faceless and straightforward method of making online deposits and ultimately getting the best out of NeoSurf casinos. With a NeoSurf prepaid card, trades are much faster, and you enjoy immediate processing.