Adeline from Vibrant & Pure gives us #foodporn

Serious foodporn can be found on Vibrant & Pure

Adeline Waugh of Vibrant & Pure Wellness is a food stylist and photographer, and she’s giving us some serious #foodporn as well as lunchtime cravings! Her Instagram profile, Vibrant and Pure, has a deliciously bright and colourful aesthetic and is full of treats that are seriously mouth-watering. Even better, they are also good for you! Meaning you won’t feel guilty for having seconds.

Waugh’s rainbow toast is a particular fan favourite, as she takes ordinary pieces of toast and turns them into works of art with kaleidoscopic swirls, watercolour stripes and bright fruit and veggies. You can’t scroll through the feed and not be inspired to start creating your own fresh, healthy meals that are almost too pretty to eat!

Check out some of our favourite creations by Adeline:

Rainbow toast

A collage of some of Adeline’s best works of toast art – are you meant to eat them or hang them on your walls?

Tortilla soup

Eye-catching soup to brighten up even the gloomiest Sunday.

Socca pizza

A fresh, summery pizza that gets tummies rumbling after just a glance at the cheery colours.

Cheesecake bars

Magical cheesecake bars. Need we say more?

Pastel magic

Anything in pastel colours must be naughty and sugary, right? Think again!

Hummus tehina

This is the prettiest hummus we have ever seen.

Eggplant “toast”

We heart these eggplant slices topped with all sorts of treats, and we’re pretty sure they heart us back!

Rhubarb poppy seed loaf

Eat, wear, braid through your hair? We can’t get enough of this feast for the eyes.

Words: Hanna Sloan