Adam Lambert's latest hit is a feel good pop track

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert is known for his uplifting anthems and emotional ballads that take you on a vivid journey. His third studio album, “The Original High”, was a diverse collection of storytelling and reflection that allowed the listener to connect with him on a deeper level.

Previously, Lambert’s label was hesitant about the reception received if Lambert was to discuss his sexuality openly. However, the positive reaction allowed Lambert to embrace the topic and it has inspired an intimate collection of tracks.

Lambert is currently embarking around the world on his “The Original High Tour” which kicked off in Australia in January, and he’s decided that his fans deserve a new anthem. While there are multiple songs from the last album that still merit as a single, we can’t deny a new song.

“Welcome To The Show” is an uplifting, empowerment anthem that experiments with the EDM sound that made “Ghost Town” and “Evil In the Night” so captivating. It begins as a piano led ballad that lets his strong and commanding vocals take lead before simple synths and drum beat add a different texture to the song.

The second chorus adds a thicker EDM beat with the introduction of Laleh’s vocals effortlessly harmonizing with Lambert’s. The third verse sees Laleh take lead, but the production is slightly off when Lambert adds some unnecessary call and response “impromptu” notes. However, his moody high note and the beginning of the final chorus will have you quickly forgetting about that minimal flaw.

“Welcome To The Show” is a feel good pop track that takes a few listens to completely appreciate, you’ll definitely hear the strength and empowering message behind it.

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Words: Thomas Bleach

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