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How long have you been working on it?

Two years.

Can you talk me through process of how you develop a recipe? Hmmm its actually not that easy for a 'throw in' kind of cook. In the case of Model Chocolate I filled up a massive box with flavour options & stuck myself in my kitchen for about 2 months straight,
non-stop, everyday! I wrote down recipes as I created whatever came to mind, then worked on them until I felt the recipe could be easily made by someone else. All of the recipes are 100% my own inspirations, I didn't look at other raw chocolate ideas
because I wanted them to be my own.


What is your ultimate goal with Model Chocolate?

My goal is that people everywhere are provided with easy, tasty chocolate options they can eat while at the same time preserving the earth! Making this kind of chocolate is so liberating. Instead of battling addictions to sugar, processed fats & unwanted additives people can become equipped to make choices which contribute to a vibrant healthy life.

What do you hope people will take away from the book?

Inspiration, energy, love, beauty & satisfaction! oh and chocolate.

Where you born, any details about your past childhood you think add to your overall biography.

I was born in Victoria. We moved quite a lot when I was young. I took over the kitchen at 13 cooking everything from sourdough bread to delicious muesli, all kinds of dishes. I live on the North Coast now- which is perfect for my lifestyle. The 'Rainbow Region' is chockas full of healthy goodness & beautiful people! I married my husband at 16 (had the opportunity/was given offer of contract with Australia's most influential agency at the time, but passed it up) moving straight into motherhood, organic living, a bit of homeschooling (early years of my kids)


When did you first start modelling?

32! (a story in itself)

Can you tell us about your career?What were the highlights?

I think the highlights are about to begin...! I've worked with some pretty amazing people, & I feel really blessed to have had the opportunities I have! :) My mother agency is Dallys in Brisbane but with all the flying I was doing at the time, we (the family & me) moved to Sydney in 2008 where I was signed with Chic Management, & got a good drilling of day in day out.

What is your favourite thing about Fashion?

The creativity.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Flamboyant, spontaneous, affectionate (i'm part Portuguese!).

For more information visit: http://abigailoneill.net.