A new evolution in Brisbane nightlife welcomes EI8HT

Join in as an iconic venue, The Family, is reborn.

Join in as an iconic venue, The Family, is reborn.

For 16 years, The Family has been central to Brisbane nightlife. The Family’s stages have seen some of the largest international dance artists from Tiesto to Above & Beyond perform. Everyone has a story to tell from a night spent at The Family and now the evolution of the venue is set to redefine the city’s club scene with EI8HT!

June 17th will see the unveiling of EI8HT. Pronounced ‘eight’, the club is said to be the new industry leading, multi-faceted space designed to highlight and array of entertainment and deliver an inclusive approach to nightlife.

With two distinct club nights, EI8HT offers to be the ultimate place to party with a more diverse range of offerings to celebrate Brisbane’s inclusivity. Here, the diversity and differences of us all will be celebrated on the main stage.

Saturday nights will hold ONE, an atmospheric and eccentric night of entertainment, performances, music and hosts in an effort to celebrate the collective identity of the community. EI8HT will also ensure the continued celebration of the famous Sunday ‘Fluffy’ night. The place for acceptance, open-mindedness and diversity will remain for everyone to continue enjoying.

Join in as an iconic venue, The Family, is reborn.

Harry Katsanevas from The Family has excitedly spoken of the venue’s new approach to nightlife.

“I’ve had the privilege of being a part of The Family since the beginning. It revolutionised the clubbing landscape in Brisbane and paved the way for a nightclub revolution in this city. I’m now excited to pave its evolution into an inclusive space, which I feel is missing in our community. This space will have a unique voice and showcase the most diverse forms of entertainment Brisbane has ever seen.”

The rooftop at EI8HT will also transform into the Flaming Canary Rooftop Bar. With a new fit out to rival even the greatest outdoor terraces in the city.

EI8HT is set to open its doors on June 17th. Whether you’re heading for a night dancing or wanting to catch up with friends on the rooftop bar, you will sure to experience both a chic and unique night out.

Words: Jade Byers-Pointer